Jeneen Interlandi

The Oil Spill's Worst-Case Scenario?

As oil continues to flow from the top of the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico, concerns are brewing over potential leaks at the bottom—as in, below the sea floor. According to some observers, such leaks could present a new "worst-case scenario" for the disaster, which has now stretched past its second month.

Black-Market M.D.s

A growing need for Hispanic doctors and the challenges of obtaining an American medical license have many Latin America–trained doctors practicing illegally.

'National Geographic' Water Issue: Emerging Problems Have Many Solutions, But Will We Act Fast Enough?

National Geographic has a special issue out this month, devoted exclusively to our planet's diminishing water supply. As Barbara Kingsolver writes in the opening essay: Civilization has been slow to give up on our myth of the Earth's infinite generosity … We pumped aquifers and diverted rivers, trusting the twin lucky stars of unrestrained human expansion and endless supply.

Anderson Cooper's Haiti Reporting: Better Than Nothing, but Still Not Great

It's been two days since Anderson Cooper resumed his coverage of the crisis in Haiti. The CNN news anchor has taken great pains to explain his decision to return to the earthquake-ravaged Port-au-Prince, nearly a month after the quake. "No one should die in silence, and no one's struggle to live should go unreported as well," he said—two, three, four times in the space of an hour.

Greens to Obama: What the Hell?

I think it's safe to say that Obama has veered right on energy. His State of the Union speech called for offshore drilling, his 2011 budget proposed a tripling of loan guarantees to the nuclear industry, and yesterday he moved to bolster both corn-based ethanol and carbon-capture initiatives—darlings of the farm belt and the coal industry, respectively.

Can Good Mothers Be Good Scientists?

Since Lawrence Summers's ill-considered remarks at a 2005 economicsconference (he blamed the lack of tenured female scientists on theirbiologically inferior intelligence and aptitude; he was president ofHarvard University at the time), there has been a steady stream of books, reports, and panel discussions chronicling the woes of women who wear lab coats.