Jennifer Barrett

Dieting for Dollars

Can employers put you on a diet? No, but they can make it more expensive to be fat. New ways companies are monitoring employee health habits and rewarding those who shape up.

Hard to the Core

David Burnes was on a walking tour of Madrid last fall when the low-grade discomfort he'd been feeling in his back for weeks morphed into molar-grinding pain.

Cutting Edge

Stuart Forbes celebrated his 60th birthday on April 11. A week later, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. "It was quite a month," says Forbes, who runs a consulting firm outside Boston.

Quick Read

I've Seen a Lot of Famous People Naked, and They've Got Nothing on You! by Jake SteinfeldBette Midler, Priscilla Presley, Harrison Ford--as a former fitness trainer to the stars, Steinfeld saw them all "naked." Well, stripped of their makeup and celebrity, at least.

Calling Abe Lincoln

Lawyer Mario Cuomo, a three-term Democratic governor of New York, has long been an admirer of Abraham Lincoln. He's certainly not the only one. In his new book, "Why Lincoln Matters: Today More Than Ever" (Harcourt), which will be published next week, Cuomo says that politicians from both parties--from Franklin D.

'Significant Adverse Effects'

John Graham used to joke that his doctor would go bankrupt if he relied on him for income. The longtime carpenter, who was also trained as an emergency medical technician (EMT), was so seldom sick that he can't recall taking anything stronger than an occasional aspirin for a headache.

Time For Tea

The Republic of Tea doesn't advertise. But it has found a clever way to get the word out about its products. In 2001, chairman Ron Rubin and COO Stuart Avery Gold wrote "Success @ Life: How to Catch and Live Your Dream," a blend of business advice and spiritual teachings.

Money: Cash With A Catch

Strapped for cash but nowhere near your own bank? Think twice before you stop at the nearest ATM. Not only can the bank that owns the machine charge you a fee, but your own bank may make you pay for using a rival's machine or a nonbank ATM.A recent New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG) survey found that New Yorkers got clipped by as much as $4.75 to get money from another bank's machine. (Nationwide, the average is roughly $3.) Worse, you don't see the surcharge until you receive...

Quick Read

Women Make the Best Salesmen by Marion Luna BremAt 30, the author was newly divorced, jobless with two kids--and with a tumor in her breast she'd been told would kill her within five years.