Jerry Adler

Oy Vay or Mazel Tov?

There is no particular reason why the National Museum of American Jewish History should be located in Philadelphia, rather than, say, Brooklyn, except that it happened to have been founded there in 1976, by members of Congregation Mikveh Israel.

The Politics of Bedbugs

Conservatives say that environmentalists are to blame for the recent resurgence in bedbugs, because DDT and other household chemicals are no longer legal for the purpose of eradicating them.

Newsverse: Holy Wars

In the latest installment of Newsverse, NEWSWEEK's poetic take on the news, Jerry Adler muses on plans to build mosques in New York and Temecula, Calif.

Newsverse: Save the Humans

It may be a bad week for humans, but it's good news for the whales, who the International Whaling Commission has put off opening up to hunting again. "Krill, baby, krill!" says our news poet, Jerry Adler.