Oy Vay or Mazel Tov?

There is no particular reason why the National Museum of American Jewish History should be located in Philadelphia, rather than, say, Brooklyn, except that it happened to have been founded there in 1976, by members of Congregation Mikveh Israel.

The Politics of Bedbugs

Conservatives say that environmentalists are to blame for the recent resurgence in bedbugs, because DDT and other household chemicals are no longer legal for the purpose of eradicating them.

Newsverse: 'Moo, Bah, Blah-Blah-Blah?'

In the latest edition of Newsverse, NEWSWEEK's poetic take on the news of the day, Jerry Adler melds a children's favorite with Alan Simpson's controversial recent comment on the state of Social Security.

Newsverse: Holy Wars

In the latest installment of Newsverse, NEWSWEEK's poetic take on the news, Jerry Adler muses on plans to build mosques in New York and Temecula, Calif.

Newsverse: Great Israeli Pickup Lines

In this week's edition of Newsverse, NEWSWEEK's humorous poetic take on current events, Jerry Adler examines an unusual conviction for deception rendered by an Israeli court.

Newsverse: Elena Kagan Orders Lunch

In this week's edition of Newsverse, the Gaggle's weekly poetic take on the news, Jerry Adler imagines confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan as a meal at a restaurant.

Newsverse: Save the Humans

It may be a bad week for humans, but it's good news for the whales, who the International Whaling Commission has put off opening up to hunting again. "Krill, baby, krill!" says our news poet, Jerry Adler.

Newsverse: Black Bayou

I feel so bad I got a worried mind I'm all covered up in slime It's feeling something like the End of Time In Black Bayou.

Newsverse: Get Your Rage On

This week's installment of our humorous take on the news, in light verse, about how President Obama has been criticized for not getting angry enough about the gulf oil spill.

Does Obama's Foreign Policy Spell U.S. Decline?

The story of Barack Obama's presidency to this point has mostly been written in domestic and economic policy. But he came to office promising to change American policy and rhetoric toward the rest of the world, especially America's historic adversaries in Asia and the Mideast. There is no disputing that he has done that, but at what costs, and to what ends?