Phoebe Prince: Have Her Bullies Suffered Enough?

Over a year after she killed herself, there’s a deal to keep Phoebe Prince's alleged bullies out of prison, bringing closure to a case that made international headlines. But for the town that was the center of the tragedy--and the six teens who were charged--moving on may not be easy.

Surfing for Sex

The largest sex study in history asks: what do a billion Web searches reveal about desire?

IFC's 'Portlandia': Regional Comedy at Its Best

The Pacific Northwest: the most tragically idealistic place on earth, where everything must have a greater good, even if it makes your life hell. It’s with a bit of that mentality—and a lot of love—that Fred Armisen (of "SNL") and Carrie Brownstein (of now-defunct Portland rock band Sleater-Kinney) introduce America to the absurdity of Portland, Ore.

The Problem With Women on Reality TV

If your main source of knowledge about women came from reality TV, this is how you’d see the world: a place where your mom is a conniving, deceitful gold digger, your sisters and girlfriends vicious and catty.