Jessica Bennett

Equal Pay: Why Women Need the Paycheck Fairness Act

It's a proclamation to launch a thousand feminist manifestoes: sexism is dead. So you can imagine the ire that was unleashed when Christina Hoff Sommers's name appeared this morning, in bold black and white, on the top of the New York Times op-ed page. Fair pay? Sommers asks, referring to a long-stalled bill that would help eradicate wage disparities. Who needs it?

Prop 19: Cali's Reefer Madness

Opponents of Proposition 19, the California ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana, argue that it would create a world where lackadaisical employees would show up to work with bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. But at the heart of the debate is not the morals of pot use, or even the technical issues related to consumption on the job, but the matter of cold, hard cash.