Jessica Ramirez

Bobby Flay's Tips for New Restaurant Owners

There are a few things American chef Bobby Flay knows how to do better than most people. They include a cornmeal-crusted chile relleno, anything that requires a grill, and running a restaurant.

How to Succeed as a Top Chef

Award-winning restaurateur and "Top Chef" lead judge Tom Colicchio knows a thing or two about running a restaurant. He shares tips on what to avoid if you want to succeed in this business.

Struggling Automakers Find Open Road in Brazil

There aren't many bright spots in the global auto industry—so when carmakers find one, they go all in. With ebbing demand in the United States, and subsidies propping up Japan's industry set to expire, the real bright spot is Brazil.

Blog This

They invented the software that breathed life into the blogosphere and sold it all to Google within five years. The people behind Blogger and look back at how they accidentally created a publishing tool that changed the Internet.

Blackberry Inventor Sees More Growth Opportunity

Since Mike Lazaridis cofounded the Canada-based Research in Motion Ltd., maker of the Blackberry, his devices have spawned an entire industry—and quite a legacy. It's no surprise then that RIM's market share is No. 1 in North America and No. 2 in the world. But can he fend off the iPhone and Android?

Google News Adds Features to Customize Your News

Yesterday afternoon, between celebrating the first Social Media Day and Amazon's interesting purchase of Woot, Google launched several new features on its Google News aggregation page—the site's first major redesign since its 2002 launch. "The idea is to provide news tailored to the user," says Ben Ling, director of product management for Google.

Spyware on Your Cell Phone?

A decade ago the idea that anyone with little technical skill could turn a cell phone into a snooping device was basically unrealistic. Now a simple app can track you with a level of precision that only federal authorities were once capable of.

The New Wireless Health-Care Market

If you're in a hospital and your doctor wants to monitor you without being in the room, there's an app for that. There are also wireless pacemakers that allow doctors to keep track of your health over the Internet, as well as all types of sensors that check your vital signs and can be transmitted to a smart phone or laptop.

Dating Site Creates Online Sperm and Egg Bank recently launched a fertility introduction service to help make this a better looking world. The site, with more than 600,000 members around the globe, says their virtual fertility forum will allow attractive donors to find someone who matches their "procreation interests."

Six Strange iPad Accessories

We've been here before: the period right after a major gadget is released when strange doodads—like an entire bed made to complement the iPod—start to pop up.

BP Oil Spill, by the Numbers

As of today, BP has spent about $350 million—or $16 million a day—on cleanup and related problems due to the ongoing oil spill in the Gulf. Sure, it's a lot of money, but cleanup and related costs are only the beginning.

The Catholic Church Turns to Social Networks to Recruit

When it comes to the holy call that is the priesthood, it turns out that it can come in many forms, including via Facebook. The Catholic Church in France has turned to the social-networking site as part of its campaign to recruit young priests, with the hope that they can reverse years of dwindling ordainment. (Think 24,000 priests in France today compared with 42,000 in 1975.)The church's Facebook page, which was set up on April 21 in French, has garnered more than 1,400 fans so far.

China Churns Out iPad Clones

iFakes? One of several Apple knockoffs coming out of China. ( Call it another shining example of how China doesn't need the United States to get what it wants when it wants.

Don't Know How to Use Facebook? You're Fired!

According to the Daily Mail newspaper, the British intelligence agency MI5 has rolled out plans to lay off workers (including spies) who do not know how to use social-networking tools like Facebook and Twitter.  The cuts were announced by the organization's director-general, Jonathan Evans, who told Parliament's Intelligence and Security Committee last month that some of the older secret agents possessed computer skills that were not up to snuff in the war against cyberterror.

'Protecting' Your iPad

Just because something isn't broken, doesn't mean it can't be, right? Hey, the idea isn't exactly an old adage, but software firm Intego thinks it might be a moneymaking move.

Did Google Drop Censorship in China?

Did it or didn't it? News reports and online forums are buzzing with the news that may have dropped its censorship wall. NBC news reported doing some sensitive searches on the mega search engine from China to test it.

Your TV, in 3-D

I'll be the first to say that I don't like to do 3-D in theaters. Sometimes it makes me nauseated. It doesn't yet add enough to my movie experience, and the only reason I put up with it is because if I want to see a flick like Up or Avatar in a New York City movie theater, those are generally the only tickets left.