John McCormick

At Mit, The Party's Over

The high jinks began on "Animal House" Night: 12 new Phi Gamma Delta pledges at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were ordered to watch the iconic Belushi flick while downing beer and Jack Daniel's.

Winning A Gang War

Ron Safer felt his bright future as a federal prosecutor sliding into the abyss. His supervisor, Dan Gillogly, was talking up the rich possibilities of a new case.

A Murderer Times Four

Over the past four years, someone has been raping, strangling and bludgeoning women in a desolate, two-mile-by-two-mile patch of Chicago's South Side known as Englewood.

A Top Cop In The Cross Hairs

Chicago police supt. Terry Hillard got the first call in his car the evening of Friday, June 4. One of his 13,500 cops had just shot and killed LaTanya Haggerty, a 26-year-old computer specialist for Encyclopaedia Britannica.

The Magnificent Seven

LATE LAST TUESDAY NIGHT DR. Paula Mahone sat staring at a telephone. A team of doctors and nurses at Iowa Methodist Medical Center in Des Moines had been waiting for this moment since the day in early October when 29-year-old Bobbi McCaughey entered the hospital with seven fetuses in her womb.

More Than A Tune-Up

THE WOMAN WE'LL CALL AMY GOT the picture soon after she took a job at the Mitsubishi plant several months ago. She'd heard all the accusations of sexual harassment--lewd comments, explicit photos, groping of women on the assembly line--at the Normal, Ill., auto factory.

A Really Big Mac

DID SOMEBODY SAY MCDOOMED? Story after story lately has reported on the fate of McDonald's Corp.--and most have cataloged disaster. McDonald's marketing ploys--the Arch Deluxe, the 55-cent burger--have been a laughfest.

You Snooze, You Lose

EVER WISH YOU'D BEEN present at the creation of a really boneheaded business strategy? Travel back 50 years to the mahogany-paneled office of Sewell Avery, then chairman of Montgomery Ward & Co.

The End Of The Road

ON A BITTER JANUARY MORNING in 1974, Charles Kuralt and his CBS crew were setting up on a remote hilltop west of Dubuque, Iowa. They were there to do an ""On the Road'' segment on farmer Bill Bodisch, who hoped to sail his 58-foot homemade yacht around the world.

Pomp And Promises

No youngster gets into Holy Trinity High School each day without getting past Brother Philip Smith. He's there every morning at 5, pushing the papers around his desk before heading for the front door.

A Lethal Road Trip

AT THE BISHOP'S SCHOOL IN THE posh San Diego suburb of La Jolla, Andrew Cunanan was regarded as way over the top. An openly gay teenager, he would whistle at the boys on the water-polo team, and he once came to a school dance in a tight red jumpsuit with an older man as his date.

How To Raise A Tiger

He's best-known as perhaps the finest young golfer in history. But to his parents, it's more important that Tiger Woods is a fine young man. It took love, rules, respect, confidence and trust to get there.

Why Parents Kill

The Smith case captured the nation's attention, at first because it played on every parent's fear of a stranger abducting a beloved baby. That proved unfounded; the incidence of such stranger-kidnappings is, in fact, quite rare.

Why Leave Children With Bad Parents?

THE REPORT OF DRUG PEDDLING was already stale, but the four Chicago police officers decided to follow up anyway. As they knocked on the door at 219 North Keystone Avenue near midnight on Feb. 1, it was snowing, and they held out little hope of finding the pusher they were after.

Rising Tide Of Zealotry

First she introduced herself as Ann from Sacramento. Then she helped other protesters distribute leaflets outside the Wichita, Kans., clinic of Dr. George Tiller, one of the few U.S. physicians who perform late-term abortions.

Can Houses Become Homes?

How much slaughter is enough? For Chicago the limit seemed to have been reached last October, when a sniper's bullet killed 7-year-old Dantrell Davis as he walked to school with his mother.


Something is happening in Dubuque. It's not often that we'll pause to tell you that; this is a city that the flyover culture usually ignores except to say that we don't edit for the proverbial little old lady who lives there.