The NEWSWEEK Poll: Holding Steady

Jonathan Darman reports:With less than two weeks left in the presidential contest, Barack Obama continues to hold a commanding double-digit lead over John McCain according to the latest NEWSWEEK Poll.

What Millennials Should Ask of Obama

Dear Young Americans:I won't tell you how special you are because you've heard it before. For the past nine months, the mainstream media have showered you with adulation.

The NEWSWEEK Poll: Drawing Even

By Jonathan Darman With 53 days until Election Day, John McCain has pulled even with Barack Obama in the latest NEWSWEEK Poll. Buoyed by the Republican convention and overwhelming partisan enthusiasm for his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate, McCain is now tied with Obama among registered voters nationwide, 46 percent to 46 percent.

Searching for Hillary at Hooters

[youtube:gaUbFk4xp9A] By Jonathan Darman For months, I've listened to die-Hard Hillary Clinton supporters talk about their candidate's special bond with the white working class.

Lieberman: 'Moderately Liberal'?

By Jonathan Darman Days before he takes the stage in St. Paul, Minn., at the GOP convention, independent Democrat Joe Lieberman's being constantly rewritten on both the left and right.

The Noble History of Flip-Flopping

So it has already come to this. At the end of its first month, the great and noble general-election campaign of 2008 has been defined by a single question: who is the biggest flip-flopper?

A Tale of Two Cities, and Two Stadiums

History repeats itself, but not without a few wrinkles. We make the connections—then pick them apart.The housing of 10,000 fire evacuees at San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium drew comparisons with New Orleans's post-Katrina chaos.