Jorge Castañeda

Latin America's New Proxy War

The summit of nonaligned countries held last week in Havana was an occasion for all sorts of things: speculating on Fidel Castro's health, supporting all the "worthwhile" causes in the world--from Iran's nuclear program to Bolivia's stalled natural-gas nationalization--and predictably, bashing George W.

Mexico's Sinking Front Runner

Mexico's July 2 presidential election has all of a sudden become a tossup. Polls before last week's debate already showed a close race; former front runner Andrés Manuel López Obrador's decision to forego the debate clearly hurt him and confirmed his decline.

Why Chile Really Matters

In the reams of commentary about newly inaugurated Chilean President Michelle Bachelet, two statements are systematically repeated. The first contrasts the supposedly conservative nature of Chilean society against the fact that Bachelet is the first woman to be elected president of a major Latin American nation.