Joshua Alston

'Trust Me:' Isn't It Bromantic?

In TBS's new dramedy "Trust Me," Eric McCormack, formerly America's favorite gay man on "Will & Grace," plays Mason McGuire, a conscientious professional trying to work on his relationship with his partner, Conner (Tom Cavanagh.) Before you start thinking McCormack has been typecast, I'll have you know that Mason is happily married.

Katey Sagal Rocks in FX's "Sons of Anarchy"

The old conventional wisdom held that there were no substantive, red-meat roles for actresses of a certain age. Try telling that to Katey Sagal, 54, one of the many tough, gorgeous and, yes, older women holding the television airwaves in their manicured grips.In FX's "Sons of Anarchy," Sagal plays Gemma Morrow, the treacherous matriarch of a California biker gang.

A Place On 'The Black List'

After The Washington Post ran a series of surveys and stories called "Being a Black Man" in 2006, comedian Bill Cosby lambasted the project for being too rosy. "I'm not interested in hearing that things aren't as bad as they seem," Cosby told an audience.