'The Wire' finale

It wasn't the most satisfying finale ever, but even a mediocre night in TV's Charm City beats everything else on the dial.

HBO's Killer With A Code

Omar Little, 34, Armed RobberA charming, cunning shotgun surgeon who made his living robbing drug dealers, Omar Little had an aura of permanence—amazing considering he wasn't a real person, he was a TV character (played by actor Michael K.

Diversity Training

Clinton and Obama may be breaking new presidential ground, but Hollywood beat them to the top decades ago.

Finally, Spike's First Joint

Filmmaker Tyler Perry has built a mini-empire in Hollywood by portraying a certain type of African-American character: articulate, urbane and upwardly mobile.

Bryan Cranston and Jon Hamm: Get 'Bad,' Get 'Mad,' And You'll Get Glad

Unless you're reading this to kill time until Senior Swim at the Y, you're probably not used to tuning into AMC (formerly American Movie Classics). So if you flip past and see a man wearing just white briefs and a gas mask barreling through the desert in a Winnebago, no, your eyes aren't deceiving you, and no, that's not a deleted scene from "The Graduate."It's "Breaking Bad," AMC's new original series premiering in January.

He's Still A Bit Crushed

Everyone knows the most memorable scene in the June finale of "The Sopranos." But a close second had to be the outrageous death of Tony Soprano's nemesis Phil Leotardo (Frank Vincent), who was shot twice, then got his head smushed by an SUV.

The Real McCoy

This season on 'Law & Order,' Sam Waterston gets a big promotion. We don't think it's big enough.