Joshua Hammer

Where Black Is Gold

What's the market for black culture these days? Just ask Robert L. Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, the only cable network aimed at African-Americans.

A Tycoon's Final Days

The Atlantic Ocean was calm and the skies clear as Robert Maxwell's 180-foot yacht, the Lady Ghislaine, plowed through the sea off Grand Canary island last Monday night.

Cleaning Up 'The Club'

In a packed hearing room on Capitol Hill last Wednesday, Salomon Brothers Inc. chairman Warren Buffett stepped up his desperate campaign to staunch the bleeding at his wounded firm.

I Will Be Ruthless'

Warren Buffett opted for tennis metaphors last week. "I don't want anybody playing close to the line," the interim chairman of scandal-battered Salomon Brothers Inc.

One Bluff Too Many

In the mid-1980s on Wall Street, nobody symbolized the era's unruly passions better than Salomon Brothers chairman John Gutfreund. With his social-climbing wife, Susan, he helped define the decade's passion for conspicuous consumption: the couple spent some $20 million to refurbish a six-bedroom Fifth Avenue apartment, threw lavish, caviar-and-champagne-filled fetes for Manhattan high society and feuded bitterly and publicly with neighbors over their attempt to hoist a 22-foot Christmas tree by...

The New Giant On The Block

For nearly a decade, the two behemoths have faced each other across Park Avenue, colossal rivals in the intensely competitive New York banking market. From Chemical Banking Corp's headquarters on the east side of Park, employees can actually stare into the offices of their counterparts at Manufacturers Hanover Corp.

A Press Lord's Tattered Prize

In Britain they call him The Bouncing Czech: an immigrant billionaire famed for his flamboyant style and global buying sprees. When he swept into Manhattan from London two weeks ago, pink-tied and ruddy-faced, he turned heads on the streets. "That's Robert Maxwell," said one pedestrian in front of the press lord's midtown headquarters. "He's the one with all the money." Five sleepless days later, Maxwell reached agreements with 10 unions of the strike-battered New York Daily News that allowed...

The Blockbuster Game

Looking for exciting action, expensive stunts and daredevil risks this summer movie season? Skip the local multiplex. Why not go behind the gates of Paramount Pictures, where a compelling drama is unfolding inside the studio's executive suites.