Julie Halpert

The Wonder Years?

Within the next 20 years, 78 million baby boomers will be retiring. If you're one of them, this phase in your life could be a time of renewed activity, the chance to shift gears to an entirely different type of pursuit.

Ten Eco-Friendly Companies

CORRECTION APPENDED Seattle Biodiesel: It makes an alternative fuel derived from vegetable oil that burns cleanJohn Plaza experienced his alternative-energy epiphany 37,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean.


So how was the flight? For a senior executive who recently flew on DaimlerChrysler's Airbus 319 from Pontiac, Mich., to Stuttgart, Germany, pretty good, thanks.

Racial Politics

It's happy hour on the Jennifer Granholm campaign. At a hall in a blue-collar suburb of Detroit, wine is flowing, food is plentiful and a piano player is plunking out the disco chestnut "I'm So Excited."The button-bedecked members of the Michigan Education Association--the state's largest teachers union--do seem thrilled about Granholm's visit.

Strapping Them In

Last February Christine Guarino drove to a car dealership in Germantown, Md., where a team of experts inspected the car seats holding her two sons. They found problems: Collin, 3, needed tighter straps, and Stephen, 5, should have been using a seat belt with his booster seat instead of its built-in harness.