Karen Breslau

How Alaska Will Remember Sen. Ted Stevens

Despite his conviction for violating federal ethics laws, Sen. Ted Stevens may be best remembered by Alaskans for helping secure an endless stream of federal dollars for the state he helped found.

Did Palin Flip-Flop on Gay Rights?

Watching the vice presidential debate, you might have gotten the impression that Sarah Palin supports civil rights for same-sex couples. During an exchange on the topic, both she and Joe Biden said they oppose gay marriage.

New Green Jobs

Even in a shaky economy, there are expanding opportunities in environmentally friendly industries.

Wronged Wives

Humiliated, how do you stand by your man—and why would you?

Hillary's Iowa Challenge

Hillary Clinton's advisers worry that a poor Iowa finish could hurt the candidate's once-commanding nationwide lead.

It's Not Easy Being Green

Does your vinyl shower curtain contribute to global warming? Will using a plastic razor doom the polar bears? How many bike trips does it take to offset your environmental sins?

Calif. Avoids Katrina Comparison

In the nation's biggest natural disaster since the devastating hurricane wrecked the Gulf Coast, California so far has proven to provide efficient disaster relief.

Now This Is Woman's Work

There are more female governors in office than ever before, and they are making their mark with a pragmatic, postpartisan approach to solving state problems.

The Oakland Bakery Linked to Slain Newsman

For years, officials stood by as the operators of an Oakland bakery were implicated in a rash of violent crimes. Now, the bakery has been linked to the murder of a crusading journalist.

Archive Coverage

NEWSWEEK's Sharon Begley joined us for a Live Talk on Wednesday, August 8, at noon, ET, about climate change denial and its lasting pervasiveness.

Environment: The Bottled-Water Battle

Nothing irks Salt Lake City Mayor Ross (Rocky) Anderson more than seeing people tote water in plastic bottles. In fact, he argues, his city has some of the best tap water in the country.