Karen Breslau

Schwarzenegger's Crusade

Carbon czar: California's Hummer-loving governor is turning the Golden State into the greenest in the land, a place where environmentalism and hedonism can coexist. How a star turned pol's become the muscle behind saving the planet.

The Mayor's Mistress

Gavin Newsom, the popular, handsome--and very available--mayor of San Francisco, was one of those men who could seemingly get any women they wanted. Since his 2005 divorce from Fox News commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle, he had become something of a man about town, spotted at all the fashionable places with various beautiful women on his arm.But the chatter over Newsom's dating life took a sharp turn away from mere amusement last Thursday, when the mayor admitted he'd had an affair with a female...

Kathleen Sebelius

During her first term in office, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius so impressed the former head of the state's Republican Party that he became a Democrat in order to serve as her running mate in 2006.

Majora Carter

Growing up in the south Bronx, says Majora Carter, "it didn't occur to me that what I had here was an environment." Her neighborhood was surrounded by waste treatment plants, garbage dumps and power stations, and she glimpsed nature only when visiting the blueberry patch in her aunt's backyard in New Jersey.

A Long-Delayed Homecoming

They are daring to hope. As the hours count down, Jodi Velotta and other U.S. Army wives are beginning to think that this time it might really be true—their men are headed home from Iraq."It's a lot to know that the day is coming and I didn't wake up to that e-mail saying, 'We've been extended,'" says Jodi, whose husband, Capt.

A City Ripe for Satire

In the days before YouTube and Comedy Central, a politician's debut on "Saturday Night Live" was The Breakthrough Moment: a pol worth spoofing was a pol worth paying attention to.

Arnold Comes Back

"I love doing sequels," said a jubilant Arnold Schwarzenegger after his landslide re-election Tuesday night. There have been plenty to choose from. Since he became governor of California in the madcap 2003 recall election, Schwarzenegger has dished up political drama on a schedule that would thrill the most demanding Hollywood producer.First, there was Arnold the ribald show-biz maverick, who declared his candidacy on "The Tonight Show" and then governed from the center in year one of his...

The Making of a Dissident

For the first year of her husband's deployment with the 172nd Stryker Brigade, Tamara Bell says she was a "good Army wife." She supported her husband's mission and trusted the military to bring him home safely—and on time.

An Unblinking Look at Suicide

Viewers of  "The Bridge," Eric Steel's new documentary about suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge, won't have to wonder for long what it feels like to sit in a movie theater seat, waiting to watch someone commit suicide.

How Green Is My God?

Is God Green? Bill Moyers wants to know. The veteran journalist says he was motivated to explore the deepening divide among evangelical Christians over how to respond to environmental concerns—especially global warming—in part because of his own evangelical upbringing. "Environmentalists were regarded as dangerously secular, people to be avoided," he says.  But that may be changing.

Healing War's Wounds

Hey, have any of y'all seen the crocodile that got my arm?" U.S. Army Maj. Anthony Smith hoists his prosthetic hook, tied to a paddle, as he floats down Idaho's Salmon River in a large blue raft, manned by a cackling crew of fellow amputees.

The Mean Green Machine

He's put the hummers in storage. He's told friends he was deeply impressed by Al Gore's new global-warming movie, "An Inconvenient Truth." And as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger hit the campaign trail last week, he had a new look: a bright green bus emblazoned with a mural of Yosemite National Park.

It Can Pay to Be Green

Dennis Haubenschild's holsteins produce nearly 60,000 pounds of milk a day, providing the Minnesota farmer with annual revenue of about $2 million. The cows also produce 20,000 gallons of manure daily, which, believe it or not, makes him money as well.

Pricing Pollution

How much is clean air worth? That's a question Richard Sandor, founder of the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX), thinks the free market can answer best. The exchange , which started trading on Earth Day in April 2003 , takes aim at global warming by allowing members to trade credits earned for reducing their greenhouse-gas emissions.

Real Estate: Prepare to Be Zillowed

Plug in your address at zillow.com, and you get an aerial photographic map that shows the home's estimated market value. Or, you can check out the value of someone else's home, which explains why the site is winning a rabid following in the cities where the raw data used for the valuation are best: Seattle, L.A., San Francisco and Boston.

A Question of 'When'

This Tuesday at 5:12 a.m., Diane Brockob plans to be downtown on Market Street in San Francisco to mark the precise moment 100 years ago that the San Andreas Fault tore open, killing 3,000 people, leveling large parts of the city and leaving the rest to be devoured by fire.

Living on the Edge

It's hard to imagine future generations in New Orleans gathering even 200 years from now outside the Superdome to parade around in period costumes from 2005 and celebrate their city's renaissance—certainly not with the frivolity on display in San Francisco this week.

Till Faucets Do Us Part

On television decorating shows, the featured couple is inevitably cheerful and agreeable: cooing as they examine tile samples, nudging each other with mutual delight as they shop for chandeliers.

A New Team in Town

The three-alarm fire had already claimed three lives. When San Francisco Fire Chief Joanne Hayes-White arrived at the burning downtown tenement in the middle of one night last month, she noticed several residents huddled on the sidewalk refusing treatment from her paramedics.