Karen Springen

Kitchen Kids

If you're tired of cooking, here's an idea: teach your children to do it. Sisters Isabella and Olivia Gerasole, 11 and 9, authors of "The Spatulatta Cookbook" (Scholastic. $16.99), give some tips on how parents can encourage their kids in the kitchen.

Save Energy—And Money

By now, most consumers know the basics of saving energy at home: install fluorescent light bulbs, buy appliances with the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star label and seal air leaks around doors, windows and pipes (see energystar.gov for more tips).

Be Good To Your Bones

To judge by those ubiquitous ads, just about every adult woman in America should be worried about osteoporosis, a skeletal disorder characterized by thinning bones.

Toys: Thomas Derailed

For the past 61 years, Thomas the Tank Engine has been chugging along as a favorite book character, written by a minister for his son. But he was suddenly derailed this month when RC2, a company that licenses Thomas, recalled 1.5 million toys due to lead in paint from a manufacturer in China.

Kids' Book Clubs Boom

Twelve-year-old Joanna Krupp loves her monthly book-club meetings. She and her fellow bookworms tackle titles like Gloria Whelan's National Book Award winner "Homeless Bird," about a 13-year-old girl in India whose parents arrange a marriage to a boy who is gravely ill.

Protecting Your Home From Fire

Tragedy struck the Bronx Wednesday night, as a house fire in a neighborhood near Yankee Stadium claimed the lives of eight children and one adult. The blaze, the deadliest fire in New York City since 9/11, started in the cord attached to a space heater on the ground floor of a building without fire escapes--a place where there were smoke detectors, but no batteries in them to sound the alarm.