Heavy but Healthy? Send Us Your Photos

On Wednesday, Abby Ellin and I wrote about the increasing animosity towards fat people in America. One of the researchers quoted, Marlene Schwartz, said something in our interview that stuck with me, but that didn't make it in the article.

Share Your Favorite Crazy Health Care Myths

We all have one: a dotty but well-meaning grandma, the Lyndon LaRuche fanatic at your gym who spouts nonsense, but also happens to have killer abs, the paranoid, anti-government boss who is otherwise a pretty nice guy.

Study: No Matter How Crazy, Health Care Myths Take Hold

by Kate Dailey and Sarah Kliff Yesterday, Barney Frank's takedown of a young woman comparing health-care reform to Nazi policy was heralded by reform advocates as long-overdue counterstrike against an increasingly absurd campaign of misinformation.

Philadelphia Eagles Sign Michael Vick?

The Philadelphia Eagles have reportedly signed Michael Vick to a two-year contract. I'm a Philadelphia native, and the reaction from my Facebook feed tells me that the fans are less than pleased.

Models Without Makeup: Cindy Crawford and Friends Go Bare in Harper's Bazaar

  The September issue of Harper's Bazaar (on stands Aug. 18)  features several iconic models baring naked faces. Kristen McMenamy, Shalom Harlow, Cindy Crawford, Tatian Patitz, Amber Valetta, Helena Christiansen, Nadia Auerman, and Claudia Schiffer all went before the camera without any cosmetic help─and since they're models, they all look freaking gorgeous. (The superb lighting and semigrainy black-and-white footage seems to take care of whatever flaws genetics missed.) Any time...

The Human Condition on 'The Takeaway' Tomorrow: More on Texting and Dating

I'll be back on The Takeaway tomorrow, discussing texting and dating─as well as the other pros and cons of dating in a technology-saturated world. I'll be joined by Steve Calechman, the author of the Boston Globe article that started this whole to-do, and we'll finally get the in-person grudge match for which everyone's been clamoring.

Paid Family Leave: Share Your Best Horror Stories

Lew Daly's impassioned editorial on the need for more paid family leave in the U.S. elicited a strong reaction from readers. The commenters are split between those who think more time to spend with an ailing family member or newborn baby is an essential part of building a strong society, and those who think Americans need to plan better for their own medical needs, whether expected or not, and not rely on the government. (In between these two sides, of course, are those who think blame should...