"Where's My Crazy Hot Guy?" A Female Designer On Women and Videogames

More female videogamers are grabbing the controller this year, according to a report released yesterday by the  industry-tracking group NPD. The Gamer Augmentation 2009 report revealed that 28 percent of all console videogamers (those who play games on platforms like Wii, Playstation, and XBox) are now female, up from 23 percent last year.

From Excess to Exercise: Group Helps Men and Women Live Sober Through Sweat

More than 13 years ago, as Scott Strode was struggling to get his drinking and drug use under control, the gym in Boston where he boxed offered refuge. "All the guys in the gym were sober because they were training for fights," says Strode, 37. "It was a place I could go where I knew there wouldn't be any pressure to use or drink."Now, a sober Strode is recreating the benefits of that safe space for others committed to living sober lives.

Farrah Fawcett, 1947-2009

After a long, brave, public battle with cancer, Farrah Fawcett passed away today. Fawcett, 62, had been fighting anal cancer since 2006. She invited cameras (and in doing so, the American public) into her private life to better document the grim realities of living with the disease.

Good News About Birth Control

The withdrawal method of birth control—otherwise known as "pulling out"—is often seen as a last-ditch, almost comical measure to prevent pregnancy. In terms of both effectiveness and sexual sophistication, it's seen as just a rung or two above using Coke as some kind of post-coital spermicide (which, seriously—according to every single pregnancy myth website, cola-as-contraception is some kind of epidemic.

In Which I Fly Through The Air With the Greatest of ... Something

Since I am broad-shouldered and have somewhat of a sturdy gait, people tend to mistake me for an athlete. While I played my fair share of sports growing up, I never had the requisite grace, coordination or speed to be anything other than a steady member of the JV squad. (My sister, the college swimmer, got those genes: she did her first triathlon on a whim and returned home with the third-place medal.

Top Chef Lee Ann Wong Changes Diet, Reaps Rewards

Lee Ann Wong, the fan favorite from season one of Bravo's , has a lot going on: she's now the executive chef for Kogi New York: the original Kogi, in LA, is the insanely popular Korean BBQ truck locatable only via Twitter.

Pages of Wrath: A New Book Looks At Why We Seek Revenge

After she was hired to write a blog about a fictional scorned woman who exacts 14 Days of Wrath on her cheating husband, Eva Nagorski realized just how pervasive the theme of revenge is -- from ancient times to the digital age.  In her new book The Down and Dirty Dish on Revenge: Serving It Up Nice and Cold to that Lying, Cheating Bastard (St.

Gender Bias in Babies and Judges

Sotomayor Is Not A Bully She's a smart, tough legislator who challenges lawyers on both sides. Nina Totenberg delivers an in-depth look at the judge's temperament and determines that her style of questioning and habit of interrupting is no worse than anyone else on the bench.

Why It Matters if Jett Travolta Was Autistic

By Claudia Kalb In the aftermath of his son Jett's death, John Travolta told Bahamian police that Jett had autism. This according to police reports published by the National Enquirer (which, while not the most respected news source, have gotten scoops on big stories.

UPDATED: Insurance Companies Seek Healthy Profits in Tobacco Stock

By Jaime CunninghamThis article has been updated with a response from one of the companies mentioned. Sure, smoking kills. But it's so lucrative! That seems to be the attitude of health and life insurance companies in North America and the United Kingdom, who have more than $4 billion invested in tobacco companies, according to a correspondence published in the June 4th issue of the New England Journal of Medicine (subscription required).

Chemistry Is Not Boring: Video Proof

Via Andrew Sullivan, a fun little video about the elements. (If one finds same-sex slow dancing NSFW, this video is NSFW.) The website featured at the end of the video is for a careers page at the European Commission's research department.

In Defense of Dixie: "Exorcise Video" Haters Miss The Point

  This video has been making the blog-rounds for a few weeks now; I'm totally late to the bandwagon. But I'm posting it anyway because: 1) My love for Miss Julia Sugarbaker is real and true, and that love extends to posting excerpts from Dixie Carter's late-80s yoga video. 2) Much of the reaction to this video has been of the "God, what a loon!" variety, which totally misses the point.

The Consult: Back to Bed, and Other News From the Web

Sleep On It: Feeling blocked? Researchers from the University of California at San Diego say a nap can help boost creative powers. They say that "sleeping on" a dilemma really does boost a person's ability to problem-solve and make clear decisions: 77 volunteers were given a series of create problems to solve and were told to mull over the problem until the afternoon either by resting but staying awake or by taking a nap monitored by the scientists.

EMT Charged in Facebook Crime-Scene Photo Leak

Last month, NEWSWEEK's Jessica Bennett's wrote a heartbreaking story about the Catsouras family, who are fighting to scrub the internet of gristly accident-scene photos taken moments after their daughter Nikki's death.