The Consult: Prehistoric Fetish Objects and Patriarchial Cigarettes

Mein Liebling: German scientists may have uncovered the first representation of modern woman, and they're pretty sure it's a sex toy. The figure - what the novelist Tom Harris might call "a woman and a half in every direction" - rocks some serious curves, and is thought to have been carved over 35,000 years ago.

A Gift From The Heart: Donating Used Pacemakers

A pacemaker helps helps a beating heart - but once that heart stops due to other reasons, what becomes of the pacemaker? Researchers estimate about 45 percent of pacemakers are removed before burial - either due to family request or because of the dangers during creamation (they can explode - who knew?) With an estimate 1.5 million Americans currently using pacemakers, that means there's a whole lot of viable devices being retired before their time.

What's Inside The New NEWSWEEK: Autism Ends and Eternal Life Begins?

I am holding in my hot little hands the first issue of the new NEWSWEEK, and dig it before I even start reading. It seems like the trend in most magazines is to get thinner, both in content and page stock. (Times are tough all over.)  This issue is thick and heavy and printed on a high quality, glossy paper, which makes the reading that much more pleasurable (and less likely that my thighs turn into an ink-stained mess when I take the magazine to the beach this weekend).

OMG! Grey's Anatomy Finale Mystery SOLVED!

Last night, about 11 minutes into the season finale of  ABC's "Grey's Anatomy," the Chief surprises Dr. Bailey with a DaVinci Surgical System. In an effort to keep her from decamping from general surgery to pediatric surgery, he tempts her with the chance to perform a cutting-edge procedure. "You know, Doctor Chalikonda at Cleveland Clinic is doing single incision gallbladder removal through the belly button," he says. "Why should Dr.

The Consult: Stings, Czars, and Free Viagra

When Animals Attack ABC takes an in-depth look at the worst animal bites and sting -- including a creature called a Tarrantula Hawk Wasp, which isn't so much a name as a list of scary animals.

Double X Takes On Kate Gosselin's Hair

Yesterday, the gang at Slate launched a new website,  Double X,  described as, "mostly by women but not just for women." The online magazine-sized version of Slate's incredibly popular XX Blog is already full of thoughtful and entertaining content: discussions on the state of modern feminism (or, conversely, why modern feminism can suck it), astonishment at the mystery that is "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" star Kate Gosselin's hair, and a fantastic essay by blogger Marie Myung-Ok Lee, who writes...

The Five Worst Gym Machines: Top Trainers Tell What Doesn't Work

When it comes to the pursuit of a better body, image isn't everything. That's because the shiny, intimidating, powerful-looking machines cluttering up your gym floor aren't nearly as good a workout as the one you can get with some dumbbells, your own body weight and a mat. "Machines are eventually going to be obsolete in major gyms," says Patrick Murphy, an L.A.-based celebrity trainer.

Taco Town: A Meditation

Raina Kelley, who will soon be making her first blog post on the Human Condition, wonders:  Are Pizza Hut and Domino's in a race to give the most Americans heart attacks?  In a response to Pizza Hut's new pasta bakes, Domino's has come out with baked pasta in bread bowls.  A serving of Pizza Hut pasta plus one piece of garlic bread averages about 1000 calories (over 400 calories from fat) while Domino's entry into the pasta market is about 700 calories per serving with an entire bread bowl...

The Consult: The Soft Bigotry of Camel Lights, and Other News From The Web.

Another Reason to Hate Cigarettes. They're kind of racist. The darker your coloring, the more likely you succeptible to smoking addiction. That's what Penn State researchers found when they studied the connection between melanin, responsible for skin and hair pigmentation, and nicotine dependency in African Americans.

Can Biggest Losers Stay Thin? We Ask Trainer Bob Harper

Break out the Kleenex and the cookie dough. Tonight is NBC's weight loss reality show mega-hit The Biggest Loser's seventh season finale, which means three hours of jaw-dropping transformations, tear-inducing montages, and Jenny-O turkey product placement (plus about 90 minutes of filler).

Farrah's Fight

There's no such thing as a "fun" cancer. But anal cancer has got to be one of the worst in terms of ravaging the body, robbing one of dignity, and making life all-around uncomfortable.

A Fine Reporter

It's a pleasure to report that the National Alliance on Mental Illness has awarded Dina Fine Maron, a NEWSWEEK intern, their 2009 Outstanding Media Award for News Reporting.

The Best Diet Is No Diet: Fat Acceptance Authors Weigh In

  After years of battling the bulge, conquering cravings, fighting fat, and waging war on weight gain, Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby were tired of the struggle. "Think about the language of dieting," says Kirby. "All of these things set you up as a disconnected being, as an enemy of your physical body." Both Harding, founder of the blog Shapely Prose, and Kirby, who created The Rotund blog know that life's too short to worry about weight (yours or the person sitting next to you on the...

Surviving a Layoff: You Kept Your Job. Now Keep Sane.

Survive the latest round of layoffs? Congratulations! Unlike your previous co-workers, you have both a job and higher rates of depression, more psychosomatic illnesses like headaches, ulcers and insomnia, and a nasty case of survivor's guilt.

The Consult

Your morning health highlights from around the Web: Polio Personnel:  As polio survivors age, they face new complications - but the doctors who understand the complexities of the disease are aging, too. (NPR)A Malignant Growth:  One third of major cancer studies have a conflict of interest; researchers say the ways studies are funded and organized need to be re-evaluated. (MSN)Swine Flu Still Squealing The H1N1 virus hits China.

Manga Publishers Look to Hollywood

Japan's newly elected prime minister, Taro Aso, is mad for manga, the comic books that embody Japanese pop-culture cool. Analysts say Aso's been playing up his passion in order to woo young voters.

European Films Find Less American Distribution

Global forces are trapping Americans at home this summer, and those who hope to escape in foreign films are out of luck, too. The same reasons that have Americans taking "staycations"—high gas prices and a weak dollar—are also making it difficult to acquire and distribute European movies.

United States HIV Travel Ban Overturned

Until recently, the United States was one of just a dozen nations that still barred HIV-positive foreigners from entering the country. The U.S. rule—passed in 1993 when the virus carried a heavy stigma—meant that to get into the States, HIV-positive tourists had to lie about their health and hope Customs didn't find AIDS drugs in their luggage.