Katie J.M. Baker

Katie J.M. Baker

Katie J.M. Baker is a reporter for Newsweek who has also worked and written for publications including the San Francisco Chronicle, the New York Times, Dissent, and Jezebel. She lives in Brooklyn. 

Taking On Bill Cosby

After multiple women accused the beloved star of drugging and sexually assaulting them, Tamara Green came out with her shocking story--and was ignored.

Diversity U. Makes a U-Turn

Wesleyan seems to be slinking away from its weird and activist roots to attract rich students and even richer donors

Reading Can Be a Lot of Work

The Labor Department is compiling a list of books that shaped labor in America, from 'The Federalist Papers' to 'The Feminine Mystique.'

How Women Make Ethiopia Healthy

The country's Health Extension Program gives Ethiopian women access to basic care, while its workers -- all women, too -- have a rare opportunity to advance their careers.

Hexing & Texting

Millennial hipsters are finding solace (and some cool outfits) in that old black magic