Katie Maloney

Inside the Tea Party

Sarah Palin's and Glenn Beck's tweets and teary theatrics serve as valuable spiritual fodder, but in a decentralized movement that has been compared to a starfish, here are 10 movers and shakers you should know about, some in the public eye, some in the shadows.

An Unofficial Medal for War Dogs

In Iraq and Afghanistan, the nature of war has changed, forcing the Pentagon to retool for unconventional foes. Amid the push for robotic IED detectors and aerial drones, however, is renewed investment in another, less techie counterinsurgency tool: war dogs.

Congressional Approval Falls Again

Congress has never been held in very high regard. But new numbers out today suggest a stunning drop in confidence in lawmakers across the board. Among 16 different public institutions surveyed by Gallup—from churches to news organizations—Capitol Hill ranks dead last, below banks and big industry.