Katie Paul

Microsoft's Russian Spy Was Greasy, Foreign, and Loved Snickers

Alexey Karetnikov, the 23-year-old Russian spy at Microsoft busted last week, was "very oily" and "very Russian," according to a fellow dorm resident who lived near him in Microsoft's corporate housing complex. In an e-mail exchange with NEWSWEEK, the neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, said Karetnikov spoke surprisingly poor English, but was "sophisticated" and knew a lot about Microsoft.

Korean Joint Exercises: Saber Rattling or Just Diplomacy by Other Means?

In the half-century-old conflict on the Korean peninsula, there have been countless ebbs and flows of tensions. Presently, it's flow time. South Korea and the United States are reportedly set to stage a large-scale naval exercise next week in the Yellow Sea, where North Korea allegedly sank a South Korean warship, Cheonan, about two months ago.

Why the U.N. Nukes Conference Is Already Bad for Iran

After a week of oil spillage and Times Square terrorism, Barack Obama could probably use a breakthrough. He might have gotten a glimpse of one yesterday at the United Nations.More than 180 countries are convening this month for the eighth review conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), the Cold War agreement that determines the world's nuclear haves and have-nots.