Keith Naughton

Honey, I Shrunk The Car

Gas costs are up. So is Third World consumer demand. The result: a new breed of cars that are cooler, cheaper and incredibly small. Goodbye, Hummer.

Small. It's The New Big.

Poor countries are getting rich, gas costs are rising and our planet is heating up. The result: a new breed of 21st-century cars that are cooler, cheaper and more compact than ever.

Bob Lutz: The Man Who Revived the Electric Car

When General Motors was fingered as the prime suspect in the 2006 documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?" Bob Lutz's inbox filled with hate mail. "I hope you rot in hell," read one missive to the GM vice chairman, known for his love of gas-guzzling sports cars.

A Rock Star's Rebirth

Carlos Ghosn made history saving Nissan. Then the company stumbled. Now he's trying for a comeback.

A Rock Star Is Reborn

Carlos Ghosn made history by saving Nissan from bankruptcy. Now for his second act, he's engineering a turnaround at his Franco-Japanese auto alliance.

Excuse Me, Mr. Ford

How to tell the man whose name is on the building that you're overhauling the family firm he once ran

Talk To The Hand

A 49-year-old traveling salesman allegedly seeking sex in a Minneapolis airport bathroom in June noticed a boyish young man with short, sandy hair and an athletic build standing at a urinal.

A Case Of Prius Envy

Peter Kessner, a devout environmentalist, bought a Honda Civic hybrid four years ago to show everyone that he wants to save the planet. The only problem: no one noticed, since, other than the hybrid badge on the trunk, it looked like a regular Civic.