Ken Tarbous


Fact Check: Has COVID-19 Had No Impact on Overall US Deaths This Year?

In late November, the student-run Johns Hopkins News-Letter published a story, since retracted, about a study claiming that there have been no extra deaths, known as "excess deaths," this year due to COVID-19 compared to deaths expected in an otherwise normal year. Those claims proved to be false.

Georgia Senate Runoffs Energize Gwinnett County Voters

As Georgia's audit of the presidential race has ended with Joe Biden's victory confirmed, the Peach State's voters and political parties now turn their focus to two U.S. Senate runoffs that will determine who controls the Senate.

Pivotal counties flipped in 2016 key to victory in two battleground states

Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, which Donald Trump won in 2016 after two Barack Obama victories, and Cobb and Gwinnett counties in Georgia, which Hillary Clinton captured after successive Republican wins, have played a pivotal role in determining the outcome of this year's presidential election.

In Counties That Flipped to Trump, Just 26% Say They're Worse Off

In a poll conducted for Newsweek released on Wednesday, 32% of registered voters surveyed said they're better off than four years ago, 31% said they're about the same, and 26% said they're worse off. An additional 10% said they don't know how their current situation compares to 2016.

Joe Biden's Fracking Comments in Debate May Come Back to Haunt Him in PA

Reactions of voters in critical battleground counties after last night's debate evoke those of fans at a heavyweight championship fight between a seasoned challenger poised to claim the title and a "laid back" title holder claiming victory by raising both arms over his head at the final bell.