Kenneth L. Woodward

Looking Past Number One

When the 1992 political campaign begins in earnest-if it ever does-do not be surprised if you hear candidates using slogans like "the politics of generativity" or-better-Vaclav Havel's resonant "politics of trust." These and other serviceable catch phrases turn up again and again in "The Good Society" (347 pages.

Public Enemy Number One

As they watched the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, China's aging leadership became convinced that the man most responsible for the party's sudden fall from grace was none other than Pope John Paul II.

What Is Leisure Anyhow?

The Greeks had their festivals, the Jews their Sabbath, medieval Christians their saints' days. We have the weekend-a hammock of hours strung between the millstones of the workweek.

Now Praying In Peoria

Ordinarily, when a man becomes Roman Catholic bishop of Peoria, Ill., the news travels no farther than Chicago and Des Moines. But in the 18 month since John Myers, 50, replaced Edward O'Rourke at the head of the rambling farm belt diocese, his name--and reputation--have reverberated all the way to Rome.

It's Open Season On Russian Souls

The lyrics were in Russian, but as he listened from his pulpit in a Moscow sports stadium last week, evangelist Billy Graham recognized the music of his favorite hymn: "Rock of Ages." It was Graham's fifth mission to Moscow and probably his most effective.

The Intermarrying Kind

The Weinstein family is not your typical Jewish household. But then it's not your typical Roman Catholic household, either. Peter, a technical writer in Berkeley, Calif., prepares a Shabbat meal of salmon loaf in his kosher kitchen.

The Troubled Altar Of Freedom

It was his first visit to Poland since the collapse of the Communist government, and everywhere that Pope John Paul II went last week he found signs that liberty is becoming as troublesome for the Polish church as Marxist oppression ever was.

Libels In The Cathedral

Holy Week was yet to come, but already New York's Cardinal John O'Connor was feeling like an accused Jesus standing before Pontius Pilate. "This Lent 'Catholic bashing' has been the in thing," O'Connor wrote in his weekly archdiocesan newspaper.

Ancient Theory And Modern War

The war in the gulf is not a Christian war, a Jewish war or a Muslim war. It is a just war.GEORGE BUSH, to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention last weekIn origin and inspiration, just-war-reasoning is essentially religious, usually Christian.

Making Saints

On the morning of Aug. 1, 1987, the small lobby of the Hotel Gulich in Cologne, West Germany, was filled with Jews. They were members of a clan, about two dozen in all, whose German ancestors had been scattered by Hitler's pogroms to the United States, South America and Canada.

The Priest And The Rabbi

Christians and Jews have talked about one another for centuries. Recently, however, they have begun to talk with one another. A year ago Rabbi Leon Klenicki of the Anti-Defamation League .

An Archbishop Rattles A Saber

Excommunication is the harshest penalty the Roman Catholic Church can use to discipline wayward public figures. It bars them from all the sacraments except for penance and brands them as figures who, by their actions, have cut themselves off from the spiritual community of the church.