Kevin Peraino

Mideast: Can Barghouti End the Gaza Impasse?

Marwan Barghouti doesn't get many visitors at his cell in the Haderim prison, a low-slung beige structure located along Israel's coastal plain. So the popular Palestinian leader was a little surprised two weeks ago to see the face of Ephraim Sneh, who until last month was the Jewish state's deputy Defense minister.

Gaza's Middle Class Flees

Sana Dahman only dared peek out her window at night. The men with guns in the street looked like shadows. In the glow of the flames from the burning city, she could see grenade tubes on shoulders and ski masks on faces.

Onscene: Chaos and Desperation in Gaza

There wasn't much left of Mohammed Dahlan's house by the time I stopped by Wednesday morning. The whitewashed villa in Gaza City's lush Remal neighborhood had been torched, robbed and stripped by looters of any loose fixture or ornament of value, including the sewage pipes in the backyard.

Gaza: Powerful Symbol Falls to Hamas

It's difficult to think of a more divisive symbol in Gaza than the Preventive Security headquarters in the center of Gaza City. For Fatah loyalists, the massive, pastel-painted structure was a reminder of the power of the movement once led by Yasir Arafat.

Gaza: Fighting Takes Toll on Civilians

As gun battles continue to roil the Gaza Strip this week, militants from Hamas are tightening their grip on power. The Islamists have already taken over several hospitals and a number of key Fatah security installations.

Jerusalem: A Holy City Loses Faith

Moshe Amirav was dreaming about Jerusalem on the morning that he ended up with a bullet in his head. It was June 7, 1967, the climactic offensive of the Six Day War, and Israeli troops were inching closer to the Old City.

Israel: Can Olmert Survive Bad War Report?

Israelis began calling for the head of their prime minister, Ehud Olmert, this week, after an interim report of the Winograd Commission, the panel investigating the conduct of last summer's Lebanon war, found "severe failures" in Olmert's handling of the conflict.

Girls: Israel's racy new PR strategy

Jim Malucci has two tattoos, one on each bulging bicep. On the left one, the photographer for Maxim magazine has etched an image of a seductively dressed pinup; on the right, he has stenciled the words GO WITH GOD in Portuguese.

Q&A: New Palestinian Finance Minister on Hamas

Salam Fayyad just might have the worst job in the West Bank. After warring Palestinian factions Hamas and Fatah reached a power-sharing deal in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, last month, the 55-year-old economist agreed to take over as the new government's finance minister.

In The End, It's About Family

The Doqmosh family stronghold is a world unto itself in Gaza City's Sabra neighborhood. The road leading in is blocked off with the burned-out hulk of a minibus.

An Israeli Ross Perot

Officially it was only a Chanukah party, but the blowout that billionaire Arkady Gaydamak threw a few weeks ago in Tel Aviv was also one hell of a political rally.

'Six Months Is An Eternity'

The Jewish state has always had to weather its share of political crises. But the current storm is fierce even by Israeli standards. This week the military's chief of staff, Lt.

The Perils of Partnership

the Army has created a small, simulated Iraq intended to make soldiers think they're not in Kansas anymore.Modular trailers have been set up to look like a FOB, or forward operating base, in Iraq.

Looking, Listening and Decoding

Professional diplomats love to talk about "watching the signals." High-profile meetings— like President Bush's encounter at the White House today with Iraqi Shiite politician Abdul Aziz al-Hakim—seldom result in sweeping policy shifts.

Is a Moat the Answer?

In search of a creative way to stop militants and weapons smugglers from infiltrating across the Egypt-Gaza border, Israelis are talking about building a six-mile moat filled with Mediterranean seawater along the southern boundary.

Winning Hearts and Minds

It's a cliché to say that Islamists are skilled at winning Mideast hearts and minds. But even some Israeli officials acknowledge that they're being outmaneuvered by Hizbullah in the ongoing battle for international public opinion.

The Last Word: Walid Jumblatt

As leader of Lebanon's Druze community, walid Jumblatt has long been a key man to see in the nation's political circles. But these days he is a virtual prisoner in his family's castle in Lebanon's Shouf mountains.

'We Can't Stay Together'

Avigdor Lieberman is one of the most controversial figures in Israeli politics. Critics deride the 48-year-old founder of the far-right Israel Beitenu ("Israel Is Our Home") party as a "racist" and a "fascist" for his proposal to redraw Israel's borders to exclude some Israeli Arab villages.

More Than A 'Bump'

At about midnight on July 22, 2002, an F-16 fighter plane dropped a one-ton bomb on the Gaza apartment of Salah Shehadeh, a Hamas militant wanted by the Israeli military.

'Get the Kids and Run'

The sound of the ringing telephone preceded the roar of the rocket by only moments. "Get out of the house as soon as you can," Silvan Elmakias's brother cried over the telephone line. "Get the kids and run."A moment later, a deafening blast—"as if the whole world exploded"—ripped through the garden outside Elmakias's home, near the northern Israeli suburb of Nahariya.

The Gangs of Gaza

At first, the threats trickling in to the Palestinian intelligence headquarters in Gaza seemed like childish pranks. Operatives chuckled about a Hamas-run Web site featuring a caricature of their boss, intel chief Tareq Abu Rajab: the Islamists had digitally grafted an image of a dog's head onto the Fatah loyalist's body.

A Flight From Genocide

Yassin Adom woke up to the smell of smoke and the thunder of horses galloping through his village of Bora in Sudan's western Darfur region. The 27-year-old engineer and his family fled their home on foot, he says, just ahead of rampaging Janjaweed militiamen.

Old Spy, New Tricks

At first glance, Rafi Eitan seems like an unlikely kingmaker. Sure, the former spymaster is something of a legend in Israel, having participated in many of the more-colorful intelligence capers since the founding of the Jewish state.

Party Politics

Eyal Arad was beginning to get nervous. Two weeks before yesterday's Israeli election, the Kadima campaign strategist was trying to relax over lunch at the party's Tel Aviv headquarters.

'Everything Is Open'

Mahmoud Zahar is an unlikely expert on Israeli politics. In the almost two decades since he helped to found the Islamist group Hamas, Zahar has lived through six Israeli election cycles.