On Baghdad's Frontlines

I'm on the tarmac at Saddam International Airport right now, just outside the Baghdad city limits. The unit I'm with--a Third Infantry Division company of riflemen, Bradley fighting vehicles and tanks--rolled into the airfield in the middle of the night to find some of the strongest resistance that it's seen so far.The soldiers came under some small-arms fire, rocket-propelled grenades and mortars as they rolled up to the airport.

The View From The Front: Flak Vests And Lucky Charms

Helicopters went down, Iraqi soldiers surrendered to journalists, Kurds fled into the mountains--and NEWSWEEK was there. Five correspondents, embedded or on their own, tell their stories: Waiting for WarColin Soloway, with the 101st attack aviation brigadeIt was 4 a.m.

'A Harrowing Experience'

It's Monday, 10 a.m. Iraq time (2 a.m. E.T.) The convoy that I'm with is continuing to move north, as it has been almost non-stop since the war started three days ago.

Low-Key Leader

The enemy soldiers were getting away. On the final morning of the 1991 gulf war, a group of American officers stood amid the sand and scrub, debating how to outflank retreating Iraqi troops.

Waiting For War

He hasn't yet fired a round, but already Capt. Will Arnett is about to face defeat. Arnett is equipped with an M-16 rifle, a .50 caliber machine gun on his Humvee jeep, and shoulder-fired Javelin missiles that can kill at 600 feet.

Humvees: Driving A Hard Bargain

The seeds of capitalism have already sprouted in the Middle East. With the Pentagon hinting that journalists could have wider access to the battlefield than before, some reporters arriving in Kuwait are shopping for rough-and-tumble vehicles that could keep up with the Army in the desert.

Augusta: Taking A Big Swing At Ceos

You could almost hear the defiant huzzahs in certain circles last week when William (Hootie) Johnson, chairman of the Augusta National Golf Club, declared that his arch-enemy's "threats mean nothing to me." It was the most recent volley in his battle with Martha Burk, a rights gadfly who has been prodding the host of the Masters golf tournament to accept women into the club's all-male fraternity.

Crime: A Lot Of Lost Causes

About 1:30 one afternoon in 1987, a killer burst into Betty Nichols's home in a quiet Kansas City, Mo., neighborhood. A 61-year-old store clerk who liked swimming and bingo, Nichols apparently surprised the intruder, who shot her twice in the chest and then again below the chin.

Are We There Yet?

Deep below the bright and polished concourse at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, there exists a place that few travelers ever choose to visit. Conveyor belts thunder overhead as workers in coveralls heave suitcases into creaky, clinking crates.

Recipe For An Arrest

The U.S. Attorney General isn't the only one who wants citizens to keep a closer eye on their neighbors. In John Ashcroft's home state of Missouri, a local drug task force announced plans to get store clerks to turn in customers they suspect of buying the raw ingredients to make the stimulant methamphetamine--everyday substances like nail-polish remover, cold medicine, coffee filters and matches.

Travel: The New Rules Of Flying

Pity the poor baggage handlers at Alaska Airlines. Luggage at the nation's ninth largest carrier has been known to include smelly boxes of halibut, bulky kayaks and gory moose-head hunting trophies.

A Solution To Flight Risk

Few players in the war on terror have had a higher profile than the military's mechanical drones--unmanned aircraft like the Predator that scoured the Afghan landscape doing surveillance and launched Hellfire missiles at suspected Qaeda targets on the ground.

Travel: If You're Flying That Day

Eric Butler didn't have to think twice about flying on the year's most infamous date. Next month the 31-year-old salesman will jet to San Jose, Calif., for his robotic-equipment company's national sales meeting--which starts early on Sept. 12.

A Better Play?

For Americans dismayed by their plummeting 401(k)s, there's a small solace: in many cities housing prices have exploded, with annual gains of between 8 and 10 percent.

Beware The Back-Alley 'Botox' Scam

; He came for his pinprick like everyone else, lured by the promise of wrinkle-free skin. But for 47-year-old Freddy Borges, the price of vanity was higher than the $300 per injection he paid to a New York City couple, Iris and Eliezer Fernandez.

The Plot Thickens

The two neighborhoods couldn't be more different. Almost four weeks after 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her home in the wealthy foothills of Salt Lake City, the spotlight had shifted across town to a modest trailer park in the southwest suburbs.

Holding On To Hope

The gumshoes in Salt Lake City were growing impatient. Almost three weeks after Elizabeth Smart was snatched from her bedroom at gunpoint, police had sifted thousands of leads but still didn't have a suspect.

Scrutinizing The Handyman

Since 14-year-old Elizabeth Smart was snatched from her bed at gunpoint exactly three weeks ago, investigators have struggled to understand how--and why--the kidnapper entered the Smarts' million-dollar home in the dead of night.Because it would be difficult to avoid detection in the Smarts' quiet neighborhood, the kidnapper would have needed tremendous audacity.

A New Breed Of War Widow

Shannon Spann bounces her baby on a knee, coaxing a smile from the otherwise stolid 10-month-old. "I'm a pretty special boy," she coos, as Jake gnaws on a plastic Elmo doll.

You Win! Pay Bank $140,000

As long as her parents can remember, 13-year-old Katie Hart has been talking about going to college. Her mother, Tally, a financial-aid officer at an Ohio university, knows all too well the daunting calculus of paying for a college education.

Odyssey Into Jihad

April Ray's Husband Became Bin Laden's Secretary. Now He's Behind Bars. Her Brush With The Shadowy World Of Al Qaeda.

Will They Think My Pen Is A Sword?

We started standing at our first glimpse of New York City's lights. On Sunday, five days after Tuesday's attacks, I was flying home from Chicago, where I had been working for several months.

Chicago: Helpless In The Heartland

Inside the Tribune Tower, a gothic structure on Michigan Ave., newspaper editors scrambled to put out a special edition. Outside, a klatch of about 50 people craned their necks to watch the national news on a pair of television sets facing out toward the streets.One moment of anxiety came when Peter Jennings announced to the crowd that a plane was still missing en route from Boston to Los Angeles.

The Truth About Nontraditional Treatments

In agony and desperate for relief, arthritis sufferers have been known to try just about anything. "Juanita," who posted the message, "A Crazy Arthritis 'Cure' " on a recipe-swapping Web site recently, says her friends swear by one bizarre remedy: slip a bar of soap in a sock, she advises, then put it in your bed.At least the soap "cure" is inexpensive and free of side effects (other than a lumpy mattress).

A Seven-Year Sentence For A Diary

Brian Dalton's personal diary may be revolting, but should it be illegal? Dalton had been on probation for a 1998 child-pornography conviction when a probation officer's routine search of his Columbus, Ohio, home turned up a 14-page, handwritten journal containing fictional descriptions of children being molested and tortured in a basement cage.

Playboy Goes Xxx

Two days after playboy Enterprises announced it was buying three X-rated cable movie channels--a dramatic departure from the company's soft-core image--Hugh Hefner hosted an Independence Day gathering at his mansion in Los Angeles.

Execution Day: Letter From Terre Haute

It was the one lottery nobody really wanted to win. At a white, ranch-style complex on the outskirts of the U.S. penitentiary in Terre Haute, Ind., about 40 of us in the national print media pool were gathered at the request of the prison staff.

Hey, Buddy, Can I Bum A Cigalett?

Candy lovers, beware. They may taste like your average breath mint, but Ariva "cigaletts"--Tic Tac-size pellets packed with powdered tobacco--deliver as much nicotine as a traditional cigarette.

A Plane Of One's Own

Memo to the major airlines: you won't have David Brule to kick around anymore. Over the past 15 years, the president and CEO of Northern Star Industries, a snowplow maker based in Iron Mountain, Mich., had flown thousands of hours on the big carriers to meet with distributors around the country.