Kevin Robillard

A Health-Care Showdown in Massachusetts

Under President Obama's new health-care law, regulators gained a radical power: the ability to define "unreasonable" premiums and reject them on state-level insurance exchanges. Because more than 24 million people nationwide are expected to depend on these markets for coverage by the end of the decade, Obama recently gave states $250 million to beef up their review efforts ahead of 2014, when the law goes into effect.

Q&A With the Author of "Fortune's Fool"

"Music," writes Fred Goodman in Fortune's Fool, was "the canary in the Internet coal mine"—the first medium to be hammered by the Web. Missing this fact was just one of the mistakes made by heir Edgar Bronfman Jr., who lost $3 billion taking over Warner Music Group, among other business pursuits.

Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter

After thousands of hours of playing videogames (and a bout with a nasty cocaine addiction), Tom Bissell wants to argue that, yes indeed, gaming is an art form. We read his book, Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter, so you don't have to.

Florida's Space Industry Battles Privatization

The Obama administration has mothballed the space-shuttle program and tilted military spending toward drones. In doing so, it has upended the careers of thousands of NASA and Air Force employees who are based in Florida, home of the Kennedy Space Center and a state with one of the highest concentrations of traditional fighter jets in the country.