Krista Gesaman

Response to the Blogosphere About 'Roe v. Wade' Article

There has been quite a storm in the conservative blogosphere over my look-ahead post on the Roe v. Wade anniversary rallies from Friday morning. The bloggers seem to think that I intentionally, or ignorantly, conflated pro-choice young feminists, who I predicted would come out in smaller numbers than their older counterparts, with young pro-life activists.

The Day Nixon Met the King

Thirty-nine years ago today, the White House played host to a most unusual meeting. Hip-thrusting idol Elvis Presley walked up to the northwest gate of the mansion with a six-page letter to the president scribbled on American Airlines stationary.

Congress's Latest Issue: Officiating College Football

This time every year, sports bars across the country are filled with beer-guzzling patrons debating one issue: should the college-football Bowl Championship Series (BCS) be decided through a series of playoff games, or should the matchups continue to be chosen by BCS officials and polls?

Battle of Opinions: What Is the Future of the Death Penalty?

For the past 15 years, U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens has voiced his concern about capital punishment. Late Tuesday night, his disapproval grew even louder when he wrote a passionate opinion that sparked controversy with a fellow justice.

Washington Redskins Litigation Will Continue

The Washington Redskins will get to keep their name—for now. For almost two decades a group of Native Americans has been challenging what they allege to be an offensive team name and logo.