Response to the Blogosphere About 'Roe v. Wade' Article

There has been quite a storm in the conservative blogosphere over my look-ahead post on the Roe v. Wade anniversary rallies from Friday morning. The bloggers seem to think that I intentionally, or ignorantly, conflated pro-choice young feminists, who I predicted would come out in smaller numbers than their older counterparts, with young pro-life activists.

The Day Nixon Met the King

Thirty-nine years ago today, the White House played host to a most unusual meeting. Hip-thrusting idol Elvis Presley walked up to the northwest gate of the mansion with a six-page letter to the president scribbled on American Airlines stationary.

Congress's Latest Issue: Officiating College Football

This time every year, sports bars across the country are filled with beer-guzzling patrons debating one issue: should the college-football Bowl Championship Series (BCS) be decided through a series of playoff games, or should the matchups continue to be chosen by BCS officials and polls?