Kurt Soller

What's O.J.'s Heisman Trophy Worth Today?

The Juice's arrest shines a bright light on the murky world of memorabilia. Will the price of his items spike, or plunge? A veteran appraiser offers a tour of some of the market's more outlandish offerings.

Could You Live Without China?

Author Sara Bongiorni and her family spent a year avoiding anything with a 'Made In China' label. The experience was more difficult—and expensive—than you might imagine.

Why I Love Facebook

Facebook has become the dry-erase tabula rasa of my life—and of my 1, 042 closest friends (and counting).

Potter: OK to Spoil Ending?

Todd Gitlin remembers a 1975 issue of The New Yorker as if it came out this week. Pauline Kael, the movie critic, reviewed Woody Allen's "Love and Death." But when Gitlin read the review he unexpectedly heard every funny joke.

Summer Travel: Create a Green Vacation

Visitors to England's annual Glastonbury Music Festival (June 22 through 24; glastonburyfestivals.co.uk) used to have one choice for accommodations: camping out on the festival grounds.

Poll: Americans Want Death-Penalty Moratorium

Even though most Americans support the death penalty, there's rising concern about how the state's ultimate punishment is levied. A new poll by the Death Penalty Information Center (DPIC), a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit organization that provides analysis on capital punishment, found that 58 percent want a national moratorium on executions.

Award Offered for Loch Ness Monster Photo

Whether an elephant, a plesiosaur, a real monster or nothing at all, Nessie is back. After a new film of the Loch Ness monster was released early this month, a British bookmaker has decided to offer 1 million pounds to anyone who takes a picture of the sea creature at this weekend's Rock Ness music festival.