Lennox Samuels

The Color of Fashion

As the fashion-show season gets underway, the models rush from runway to runway, showing the new looks from major designers. But many black and other ethnic models are offered few assignments. Some fashion designers are notorious for excluding minority mannequins—male as well as female—from their eagerly anticipated runway extravaganzas.

Fire the Foreign Coaches

Even before the World Cup ended, the recriminations had begun in countries whose soccer federations had paid through the nose for high-flying coaches who failed—like Fabio Capello in England, Carlos Parreira in South Africa, and Sven-Göran Eriksson in Ivory Coast—to deliver their teams to the final.

In Diyala, A New Offensive

The GI's marched in silence, placing their feet carefully to avoid tripwires that could detonate an IED. In the no man's land between Shakarat and Sinsil, small villages about 60 miles north of Baghdad, the only sounds that pierced the midnight darkness were the murmurs of platoon leader Capt.