Lily Huang

Healthy Competition Advances the Field of Biology

About 10 years ago, biology entered betting season. An upstart scientist named J. Craig Venter jolted the genetics establishment by launching his own gene-sequencing outfit, funded by commercial investment, and setting off toward biology's holy grail—the human genome—on his own.

Lack of Biodiversity May Make Us Sicker

The most important question not raised during the swine-flu panic could have been asked by a 6-year-old: where do viruses come from? The answer, it turns out, is simple, and scary: viruses come from a giant wellspring of diseases—also known as the environment—that grown-ups should be very careful not to disturb.

What About Ijunk?

With the right design, a manufactured good can be broken down into a number of universal, toxin-free components.

Power To The Bottom

Social enterprise has a soulmate in Web 2.0, a powerful new tool for bottom-up, collaborative innovation.

A Tool Of Revolution

The failure of a Facebook protest in Egypt common to new technologies that seem ready to change the world, but not yet.

Autos: A Car That Crouches Like A Cat

The new BMW M1 Hommage is like the special-edition "Star Wars Trilogy": an eye-popping, 21st- century package for an old soul. The concept car, unveiled at the Concorso d'Eleganza in Como, Italy, last week, commemorates the 30th anniversary of the original mid-engine supercar.

Roses Are Not Always Red

A rose is always a rose, and this spring they'll be on lots of garments and accessories. For chilly days, Anthropologie puts a golden vine of roses on a silk and wool scarf ($88).

Watch Out for the Bees

A rose is a rose is a dress is a purse is a … shoe? This spring, roses can be found on all sorts of garments and accessories, and still look awfully sweet.

Wildlife: The Art of Falconry

The art of falconry—in essence, "flying a hawk"—dates back to 2000 B.C. Today it's practiced by a growing number of licensed falconers around the world who teach the basics of raising, training and flying raptors.

Q&A: Sarkozy's Religion

Sarkozy's religion may not be a throwback to the past so much as a look to Europe's future, argues religious scholar Alan Wolfe.