NRA Wants Guns Across U.S. Without Permits

Six states have passed permitless carry laws—also called constitutional carry—in the last two legislative years, resulting in widespread reductions in gun license requirements from Republican-led legislatures.

Kellyanne Conway Blames Obama for Bump Stocks

Kellyanne Conway's blame on the Obama administration comes as President Donald Trump is criticized for rolling back gun regulations and offering no policy solution in light of one of the deadliest mass shootings in American history.

Teens Take on the 2018 Governor Races

Democrat Ethan Sonneborn, 13, is running for governor in Vermont while 17-year-old Republican Tyler Ruzich and 16-year-old Democrat Jack Bergeson are running for the governor's seat in Kansas.

Trump Wants Refugees Who Can 'Successfully Assimilate'

The 70-page proposal from the Trump Administration takes a sharp turn from a long-held belief that refugees should be sheltered if they face a fear of persecution. The proposal asks to prioritize refugees with a high chance for "successful assimilation" into American culture.

Playboy Hugh Hefner's Best TV Cameos

Hugh Hefner, who died at 91, was known to most as an icon of sexual liberation, but he was also a regular presence on TV, always in character: a sexual libertine in a pair of pajamas.

Hillary Clinton: Campaign Spent 600 Hours on Makeup

Hillary Clinton said the physical scrutiny—and double standards between male and female candidates' appearances—is something she has never adjusted to, noting that it takes a lot of effort "just to be a woman in the public eye."

Democrats Not Ready to Impeach Trump

The "terrible things" that Rep. Jerrold Nadler referenced included the president's refusal to condemn white supremacy in Charlottesville, his "three-time push" for a travel ban impacting Muslims, a refusal to release tax returns and the circumstances surrounding the firing of James Comey, a spokesman said.

John McCain, Veteran and POW, Defends Right to Kneel

Senator John McCain, a famed veteran and prisoner of war in Vietnam, defended the right of athletes to take a knee in protest, opposing President Donald Trump, who suggested a "rule that you can't kneel" during the national anthem on Tuesday.

President Donald Trump Doesn't Know Where Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean Sea—which is not an ocean—and it about four hours away from Washington D.C. on a nonstop flight. For comparison purposes, if the president is in Palm Beach, where Mar-a-Lago is located, Puerto Rico is comparable to the mileage back to Washington D.C.

Puerto Rico Needs Help After Maria, President Trump

Puerto Ricans need food, electricity and access to clean water. They also need a President who cares, say people across the island, who disagree with the President's assessment that the island is "doing well" on "food, water and medical" supplies.