Lisa Miller

New Billy Graham Movie Causes Family Rift

The Evangelist Billy Graham turns 90 next month, and in this final chapter of his life, a number of laudatory books and movies are scheduled for release. One of these, a biopic called "Billy: The Early Years," arrives in theaters this week, and if the present family skirmish triggered by the movie is any sign of things to come, Graham's grown children still need to fine-tune their public-relations strategy.Gigi, who at 63 is the eldest of Billy and Ruth Graham's five children, endorsed the...

The Evangelical Right in Disarray

The leaders of the religious right don't have great affection for John McCain. They think he's too moderate on immigration, embryonic-stem-cell research and campaign-finance reform, and they think he doesn't do enough to promote his pro-life positions. (Article continued below...)That's where they agree.