Lynn Waddell

Execution: What Happens After?

The families of Danny Rolling's murder victims filed into the execution viewing room in Starke, Fla., last week. The curtains were pulled back, and there he lay on a gurney, a leather strap across his forehead and tubes protruding from his body. "I squeezed my dad and my brother's hands," Laurie Lahey, the sister of victim Tracy Paules, said afterward. "I just kept repeating over and over, 'Die, die, die'." Instead of a last statement, Rolling, who killed five college students in 1990 (and...

68 Bullets

It all began with a simple traffic stop. Polk County Sheriff's Deputy Doug Speirs pulled over Angilo Freeland just before noon on Sept. 28 for speeding along an avenue in Lakeland, Fla.

This Week Online

Coauthor, 'Gorgeous Disaster': I can understand that it kind of looks like that, but you have to walk in my shoes. It drives me crazy when people say, "I wish I had had a teacher like that." It makes me very angry.

Shopping: Give Them a Hand

Need to buy milk but forgot your wallet? No worries if you are one of the 2.5 million subscribers who've signed up to use biometric technology by Pay By Touch that links a photocopylike scan of your finger to a bank or credit-card account.


Missing-children posters usually list age, weight, height and eye color. But the Children's Identification and Location Database (CHILD) Project is concerned with just one identifier: the iris.


Confirming that things never get any weirder than in Florida, now there's Natura, believed to be the nation's first officially Christian nudist resort. The planned 240-acre site--in the country's naturist capital, Pasco County, near Tampa--will eventually include 500 homes, a hotel, an RV lot and a water-slide park.

High-Time, High Tech

Fresh from overwhelming the enemy in Iraq with high-tech gadgetry, U.S. commandos got a glimpse last week of the next generation of gizmos. During Special Operations Forces Week, 400 vendors peddled their wares in Tampa, Fla.

Pope John Paul Named In Lawsuits

The scandal over abusive priests and the Roman Catholic Church took a new turn today, with alleged victims in Florida and Oregon filing two separate lawsuits naming Pope John Paul II and the Vatican with conspiring to hide the priests they say molested them.The lawsuits were filed by Minnesota-based attorney Jeffrey Anderson, of the firm Reinhardt and Anderson.

Teen Suicide Pilot Wanted 'Publicity'

Charles Bishop was no Osama bin Laden supporter, but a young man striving for fame, says the teenage suicide pilot's best friend. Emerson Favreau, a 10th-grader at the East Lake High School, told NEWSWEEK that two days before Bishop flew a stolen plane into a Tampa high-rise, he e-mailed his friend to tell him to watch for him on the news. "I don't think he supported bin Laden at all," says Favreau. "He wrote a journalism paper about how he felt sorry for all the people who were killed [on...