The Credit Power Index

Consumers are getting the short end of the stick in their dealings with banks. But the pain isn't felt equally across the country, and the rates you get on your certificates of deposit and home loans differ depending on where you live. We've pored through the data to determine which cities offer their residents the best rates.

America's Dying Cities

From 2000 to 2010 the U.S. population increased by the smallest rate than at any time since the Great Depression, rising 9.7 percent to approximately 308 million people, according to new census data. It's yet another sign of the tough times that many Americans faced during the second half of the 2000s due to an ailing economy, but it only begins to paint a picture of the country's money woes.

NASA Inventions Headed to Your Home

NASA's Spinoff 2010 report, which the agency publishes annually to promote the commercial applications of its investments in technological research, highlights a number of innovations that affect our lives every day. Here are some of the highlights.

Gadgets That Flopped in 2010

For every great gadget that triumphantly bursts onto the scene in a given year, there are many that never quite catch on.

10 Best Stores for Customer Service

The holiday season can be a stressful time to go shopping, with all the crowds rummaging for deals around you. But one thing can make the experience tolerable: quality customer service.

Confessions of Real Shopaholics

Like alcoholism or drug addiction, an addiction to shopping can mask underlying problems like depression or anxiety disorder, and the negative impact on relationships and finances can be devastating.

The Richest Counties in America

The U.S. may be still struggling with the Great Recession's effects, but that doesn't mean that every part of the country is struggling. In fact, many Americans are living well above the poverty line. But where exactly are they?

The Best Travel Freebies of 2010

Complimentary breakfasts and bathing products are nice, but let's be honest, with hotel prices going up and airlines adding an endless amount of new fees, travelers need some serious perks to make up for the costs.

Cost of Long-Term Care Rises

The costs of nursing homes and other assisted-living facilities continue to rise significantly, according to the Market Survey of Long-Term Care Costs conducted by insurance provider MetLife.