Cracking Down On Corruption

China's military brass has often seemed immune to charges of corruption. But the state-run Economic Information Daily reported earlier this month that Maj.

Poor Plumbing On Downing Street

It's every government's nightmare: a leaky inner sanctum. Just as Tony Blair was revving up his Labour Party for Britain's next general election, which could come as early as the spring of 2001, he's been sideswiped by a seemingly coordinated campaign to leak damaging, high-level memos.What worries Blair insiders, who fear that the leaker has more documents to pass around, is that the memos fit a disconcerting pattern.

Sandy Seafood

No more need for a trip to the seaside for a fresh shrimp cocktail. By next year shellfish aficionados will be enjoying tasty shrimp from the most unlikely of origins--Israel's Negev Desert.

Not-So-Public Opinion

No leader likes abysmal popularity ratings. But not everyone acts to have them suppressed. Facing his lowest ratings since the 1997 handover to China, Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa was accused last week of trying to stifle public-opinion polls conducted by Hong Kong's top university.