How Darwin and Lincoln Shaped Us

How's this for a coincidence? Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born in the same year, on the same day: Feb. 12, 1809. As historical facts go, it amounts to little more than a footnote. Still, while it's just a coincidence, it's a coincidence that's guaranteed to make you do a double take the first time you run across it. Everybody knows Darwin and Lincoln were near-mythic figures in the 19th century. But who ever thinks of them in tandem? Who puts the theory of evolution and the Civil...

Arbus and Other 'Freaks'

The late photographer discovered some of her most famous images in Hubert's Museum, a Times Square freak show. Now a new book shows how Arbus, her subjects and the collectors who came after all tie together in a tall but true American tale.

Everything is Illuminated

Classics Illustrated once introduced millions of children to the pleasures of a great story. A new generation of publishers is betting they can do the same.

East Side Story

Richard Price's novel may look like a murder story, but it's really a tough guy's love letter to the old neighborhood.

The Long Career

Westerns, comedies, dramas and silent films—a new box set proves John Ford mastered all at Fox.