Marc Perton

Watch Those Prince Videos While You Can

Prince didn't want his videos on YouTube and argued that the service didn't compensate artists fairly. He's not alone, and musicians ranging from Katy Perry to Tony Bennett have recently stepped up efforts to change laws that they say allow major online services to earn billions of dollars from illegal copies of their work.

Don't Like This Headline? Rewrite It!

Web annotation tools like Genius and Hypothesis let you add notes to any page on the internet. Will they become tools for serious discourse, or end up as a mostly ignored layer of digital graffiti?

Paramount and CBS Set Phasers to 'Sue'

Paramount and CBS, which own the "Star Trek" brand, have sued the producers of the fan film "Axanar," who raised over $1.2 million. What does the case mean for the future of fan-based media—and the venerable sci-fi franchise?