Marc Peyser

Singing In The Ring

Boxer Oscar de la Hoya has the face of a choirboy. Now we'll see if he has the voice of one, too. The welterweight champ has signed a multimillion-dollar record deal.

At Mtv, Peace, Love And A Hippie Named Jim, Unwed

There was a lot of lovin' going on at last week's MTV Movie Awards. Ben Affleck locked lips with director Kevin Smith ("Dude, you've got to brush"), Ricky Martin gave Catherine Zeta-Jones a showy smooch and Courtney Love threatened to "jump" James Van Der Beek.Robbie Williams slithered his way through his hit song "Millennium" with a bevy of bikini-clad Bond girls, while Jim Carrey went organic, disguised as a peace-sign-flashing, long-haired washout from the original Woodstock.

For Elvis And Marilyn, Sales Of The Century?, Spr

It's the juiciest celebrity death match of the year: Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, head-to-head in two huge memorabilia auctions this October. The Elvis stuff, all from the Graceland archives, includes the contract for "Heartbreak Hotel," several cars, an Army uniform and scores of letters.

It's Austin's World. We Just Watch Him Shag., A S

Would you buy a beer from the most bucktoothed, sex-crazed, hirsute geek this side of swinging London? You might if the groovy pitchman was Mike Myers, and the advertisement was hilarious enough to pass for an outtake from his new movie, "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me." The film doesn't open in theaters until June 11, but Austin power is already selling everything from milk to Heineken beer to Virgin Atlantic Airways.

Barbra's Y2k Millions

It's as plain as the nose on her face: Barbra Streisand is getting greedy. Streisand is reportedly negotiating to charge as much as $1 million per pair of VIP tickets to see her at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this New Year's Eve.

For This Winner, It's Really Child's Play

Most people celebrate a Pulitzer with a blow-out champagne toast. Not Maggie Edson. When her play "Wit" won this year's drama award, she headed to an Atlanta pizza parlor for a spinach and ricotta pie, then home to bed. "You can't go wild on a Monday," says Edson. "It's a school night." After all, her students are only 5 years old.

Pamela Downsizes While Britney Blooms

First Tommy, then "Baywatch" and now--in a truly bizarre career move --Pamela Anderson has ditched her size-36D breasts. Anderson says she removed her implants for personal, not health, reasons. "I felt like I was Dolly Parton for the longest time," she says, "and I just wanted my natural body back." Ripley's Believe It or Not didn't; they want the old implants for a museum.

Miramax's Latest Trip To The 'Dogma' House, On Th

Alanis Morissette as God--bold casting or a one-way ticket to hell? Only Saint Peter knows for sure. Anyway, that's the least of the doctrinally dicey touches in "Dogma," the new Miramax satire by Kevin Smith ("Chasing Amy") about two fallen angels (Ben Affleck and Matt Damon), a descendant of Jesus (Linda Fiorentino) who works in an abortion clinic and a foulmouthed apostle (Chris Rock) who argues that Mary wasn't a virgin to the end.

Heaven Can Wait. Here Comes 'Charlie's Angels.',

The "Mod Squad" sucked. "The Avengers" tanked. At last, Hollywood has found a TV crime show worthy of big-screen treatment: Charlie's Angels. The movie, which starts shooting in September, will reproduce the jiggledrama's essential elements: a crackling crime story, an unseen Charlie and, of course, three lovely private eyes.

Fight Night At The Oscars

This year's Academy awards lasted longer than "Gone with the Wind." It featured more warfare, too. DreamWorks groused that Miramax bought the best-picture award.

Rosie O'donnell's Tv Battle Of The Band

At first, it looked like the queen of nice had turned mean. A Georgia high-school band gets a certified letter inviting them on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show." The kids raise $81,000 to go to New York--and get dumped by Rosie at the last minute.

Princess Of Neutrinos

While most kids were still slaving over subtraction, Natalia Toro had already conquered algebra. At 9 she moved on to calculus, and school became an academic hopscotch.

The Estrogen Dilemma

What can you say about premarin, the most prescribed drug in America? You can say that it has helped women banish the sleeplessness, hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause since 1942.

Home Of The Gray

Generations: In 30 years, there will be almost 70 million retirees in America--more grandparents than grandchildren. The Senior Boom is coming, and it will transform our homes, our schools, our politics, our families, our lives and our deaths.

After Tinky Winky, Is Pumbaa Next?

SO WHAT IF THE Teletubbies' Tinky Winky carries a purse and wears purple outfits and funny objects on its head? Queen Elizabeth has been dressing like that for years, and no one has impugned her sexuality.

Pay Cuts Pay Off In Oscar Nominations

THE GEEZERS RULED THIS YEAR'S OSCAR nominations. So did movies with an eye for costumes, either the Elizabethan or the battle-fatigue variety. But perhaps the most rewarding trend is that so many statue seekers worked for peanuts--at least by Hollywood standards.

The Rise Of Little Voice

MOST OPERA DIVAS DON'T ask for trips to Disneyland in their record contracts, but there aren't a lot of sopranos like Charlotte Church. For one thing, Church is only 12.

Sing Along With Captain Kirk

ON HIS 1968 ALBUM, ""THE TRANSFORMED Man,'' William Shatner included a misguided version of ""Mr. Tambourine Man.'' His vocals have been the butt of jokes ever since.

No Heirs To Air Jordan

WILL ANYONE BE BIG enough to fill Michael Jordan's size-13 Nikes? That's not just a question for the NBA, but also for Nike and the companies that rely on Jordan--and other athletes--to sell their shoes, clothes, cars and burgers.

The Great White Wait

NORTHWEST AIRLINES FLIGHT 1851 was an hour out of Puerto Vallarta en route to Detroit when the pilot made a bizarre announcement: the plane was now headed to a new ""mystery destination.'' Along with 190 other planes headed to the same airport, Flight 1851 had been forced to change plans by a foot of snow.

Miss America, Aids Warrior

When it's your job to travel around the country with a rhinestone tiara in one hand and safer-sex lecture in the other, there's no such thing as an easy day at the office.

A Five-Sister Sideshow

CECILE DIONNE IS worried about the McCaughey septuplets, and who can blame her? ""I hope their lives will not be the tragedy our lives have been,'' she says.

Fergie And The Sharks: The Hunt Is Back On

IT'S Fergie-HUNTING SEASON again. For a while, the British press pack buried the trashy stories about the Duchess of York as part of its self-imposed post-Diana ban on royal hounding. ""I said it would last eight weeks,'' Fergie says. ""It lasted seven.'' First came the reports that she was trying to weasel back into the royal family with teary letters begging the queen and Prince Charles for forgiveness.

Diana In Her Own Words

WE'VE HEARD THESE DEVAStating stories before. The suicidal plunge down a flight of stairs when she was three-months pregnant. The tales of self-mutilation and bulimia.

Is This Trip Necessary?

IT HAS NOT BEEN AN EASY RIDE FOR American astronaut Michael Foale. Since he arrived on the Russian space station Mir in May, Foale has endured three major computer failures, two oxygen-generator malfunctions, contaminated drinking water, a near collision with a U.S. military satellite and a June 25 crash with a supply ship that sent Foale, 40, and his two Russian crewmates scurrying into the station's escape capsule. ""I'm living like a dog on the street,'' he said during his harrowing tour.

A Deadly Dance

JOSEPH HILBURN GOES FOR AN HIV test every six months and reads everything he can find about AIDS. He certainly doesn't want to get it. Yet that doesn't stop him from having unsafe sex two or three times a week--""more, if I'm lucky,'' he says.

So Much For Camilla

THIS IS THE WEEK that Camilla Parker Bowles was to meet the people who might someday have called her Your Majesty. On Sept. 13, 1,500 of Britain's most famous names--including Mick Jagger, Joan Collins and Emma Thompson--were scheduled to attend a charity ball cohosted by Parker Bowles benefiting the National Osteoporosis Society.

The Queen Of Hearts Gives Up Her Throne

FOR WRITERS WHO SPEND THEIR workdays conjuring scenes of unbridled passion on the beach, in the mountains and everywhere in between, the annual Romance Writers of America conference is a chance to concentrate on the buttoned-down side of a business built on unbuttoning.

Gianni's World

Rising from his mother's shop to the pinnacle of fashion, Versace built a lavish empire with a mix of rock iconoclasm and Hollywood glitz. Inside the making of a legend.

Cool Fools

JULIE SMOKED HER FIRST CIGAR last week. Julie is 17. She went out for a mocha at a coffeehouse in Sherman Oaks, Calif., one evening, and a couple of older guys - 19-year-olds - offered her and her girlfriends a stogie.