Marie Solis

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Marie Solis

Marie Solis is a politics writer at Newsweek focusing on women's issues. She's previously written for Mic, Teen Vogue, Bustle, Glamour, The Awl, Gothamist and more. She was also a member of the reporting team behind 2016's 'Unerased,' a database tracking transgender homicides that won a GLAAD award and the Al Neuharth Award for Innovation in Investigative Journalism. You can reach her at

Seif Kousmate's Photos of Slavery in Mauritania

When Seif Kousmate, a photographer based in Morocco, set out to capture the everyday lives of the country's Haratin people, Mauritanian authorities arrested, jailed and interrogated him.

Trump Had to Answer His Accuser's Legal Complaint

"Just like any other person being sued in a court of law in this country, the defendant was today required to answer the complaint filed by Ms. Zervos," accuser Summer Zervos's lawyer said.

Can Democrats Drain Trump's Swamp?

On Monday, Democrats rolled out "A Better Deal for Our Democracy," the party's messaging strategy to win big in November's midterm elections.