Mark Hosenball

US Approved Flight 253 Passenger List, Source Says

American security agencies reviewed the passenger list for Northwest Airlines flight 253 before it left Amsterdam for Detroit on Christmas day and informed the airline that the flight was cleared to take off for the U.S., a Dutch government spokeswoman tells NEWSWEEK. Judith Sluyter, spokeswoman for the NCTB, the office of Holland's national counter-terrorism coordinator, said that before Flight 253 left Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport, the passenger list was transmitted in full to U.S....

Air Security Tightened After Apparent Failed Attack

The White House called a failed attack by a passenger aboard a Northwest Airlines jet Friday a terrorist act.In the meantime, transportation security is being increased, as this Homeland Security statement confirms: "Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has been briefed on the incident aboard Northwest Airlines flight #253 and is closely monitoring the situation. "Passengers may notice additional screening measures put into place to ensure the safety of the traveling...

Is Homeland Security Gun Shy About Confronting Far Right?

The Obama administration didn't hesitate recently to pick a fight with Fox News, but its Department of Homeland Security now appears to have backpedaled on a report expressing concern about what its analysts earlier this year described as "right-wing extremists." Back in April, Homeland Security's intelligence analysis division produced a nine-page "assessment" describing how the nation's economic problems and the ascent of the first African-American president "could create a fertile recruiting...

As New York Anticipates Trying 9/11 Suspects, a New Report Condemns U.K. Prisons for Security Lapses

Two internationally prominent apostles of violent jihad, one of whom has been awaiting extradition to the U.S. for a decade, have been able to issue proclamations and exhortations supporting Al Qaeda even though they are locked up in one of Britain's most secure prisons, a new report by a British research group claims.