Mark Hosenball

Helicopter Shortage: State Department Fumbles Effort to Oust Blackwater from Iraq

Your tax dollars at work: as part of their effort to stop doing business in Iraq with companies affiliated with the controversial paramilitary contractor formerly known as Blackwater, the State Department earlier this year hired a rival contractor to fly civilian U.S. personnel around the war-torn country by helicopter.

U.S. Increases Drone Use in Pakistan

At the same time that the Pakistani government is stepping up military operations against Al Qaeda and the Taliban in the border region of Waziristan, clandestine U.S. counterterrorism efforts inside Pakistan, particularly the use of missiles borne by U.S.-operated drone aircraft like CIA-run Predators to attack targets associated with Al Qaeda and its affiliates, are expected to continue and possibly intensify.

Flight 188: Pilots 'Distracted By Their Laptops'

The pilots of the Northwest Airlines flight which overshot Minneapolis-St. Paul airport last week by more than 100 miles have told Federal investigators they "lost track of time" because they were fussing with their laptop computers, according to a new official bulletin by the National Transportation Safety Board.The crew of Northwest Flight 188 was out of voice contact with ground controllers for 78 minutes as their flight from San Diego to Minneapolis flew past its destination and into...

Update: Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization Worker Had No Involvement in Iran Negotiations

No information has emerged to substantiate early news reports, cited in a Declassifed item earlier this week, which suggested that Timothy Hampton was working on matters related to current nuclear talks involving the Vienna-based IAEA, Western nations, and Iran.

The Intel Czar's Kumbaya Moment

In an exercise that left some officials in the field scratching their heads, Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair earlier this month summoned a small group of senior CIA station chiefs to a conference at his headquarters in Virginia.

Iran Nuclear Monitor Dies Mysteriously

Police in Austria are investigating the mysterious death of a British nuclear monitoring expert. Early news reports said that Timothy Hampton, who worked for an international monitoring unit called the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO), died after falling 12 stories in a building in the Vienna International Center, one of the United Nations' main office complexes in Europe.

Unwelcome Volunteer: Jihadist Groups Rejected Would-Be American Recruit

The arrest of a Sudbury, Massachusetts, man on charges of conspiring to launch terror attacks against U.S. shopping malls and other targets is the latest in a series of high-profile FBI busts that suggest Al Qaeda sympathizers are very much alive and well inside the country—even if their links to Al Qaeda's central leadership overseas are tenuous or nonexistent.

Khamenei: Not Dead Yet

Late last week the Internet erupted with rumors that Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme religious leader, was critically ill or even dead. Among the first "mainstream" media outlets to report the rumors—with strong caveats—was a blog published by London's conservative Daily Telegraph newspaper.

Even Biden Can't Resolve Endless Spy Squabble

Despite the personal intervention of Vice President Joe Biden, the White House has been unable to resolve a bitter turf battle between the CIA and the office of the Director of National Intelligence over who gets to name the top US intelligence officer in foreign countries.The inability of the White House to resolve the dispute, more than five months after it surfaced, has raised new questions about the Obama Administration's decision making process on sensitive national security and...

NEWSWEEK Exclusive: Investigators Still Hunting for Bomb Materials of N.Y. Terror Suspect, Officials Say

Federal authorities have accused Afghan-American terror suspect Najibullah Zazi of purchasing chemicals and equipment used to make homemade explosives, the same materials used in the 2005 bombings of London's subway and bus system, according to court documents made public on Thursday.