Mark Hosenball

Taliban Insurgent Mehsud Makes His Move

Baitullah Mehsud, the brazen jihadist operating along the violent, lawless border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, has a curious gift for escape. On several occasions over the past couple of years, security forces in Pakistan have launched operations to kill or capture him, and each time he has vanished without incident.

Former CIA Official Foggo Nailed on Corruption

In retrospect, Kyle (Dusty) Foggo probably wasn't such a smart choice to be CIA Director Porter Goss's No. 3 during the Bush administration. Foggo, who was sentenced to three years in prison last week after pleading guilty to an elaborate corruption scheme, had used his authority to arrange secret agency contracts for companies controlled by his best friend, a San Diego businessman, who in turn paid for vacations for Foggo and promised him a lucrative job.

Congress: Say Goodbye to Oversight?

With Democrats in control on Capitol Hill, the incoming Obama team shouldn't have to worry much about hostile probes. Last week's confirmation hearings for top Obama nominees were largely congenial (though there are still a few ongoing flaps, including Treasury nominee Tim Geithner's tax and "nanny" issues).

U.S. Office in Iran Unlikely, Say Bush Officials

Score one last win for the Bush hard-liners: the White House appears to have nixed a plan to open a diplomatic office in Iran. Factions within the administration had been debating the proposal for two years, and just before the Nov. 4 election, senior Bush officials told NEWSWEEK that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice wanted to proceed with the opening of a U.S. "interests section" in Tehran, with an announcement likely to come before Thanksgiving.But the holiday came and went with no...

Madoff: What Happens to Those Who Profited?

The lucky folks who cashed in and got out before Bernard Madoff's $50 billion investment empire came crashing down might not be as lucky as they think. Sources close to the Madoff case say that a recent court ruling in a similar collapse—a Ponzi scheme called the Bayou Group—is likely to provide the legal road map for recovering as much money as possible from the Madoff mess.