Mark Hosenball

France Goes Against U.S. on Iran Less Than 24 Hours After Nuke Summit Ends

Only 24 hours after an Obama-led summit won solemn pledges from world leaders to crack down on proliferation of loose nuclear material and know-how, prosecutors in France signaled that they were backing away from supporting a U.S. attempt to extradite an Iranian businessman accused of acting as a clandestine purchasing agent for Iran's nuclear and missile programs.

'Jihad Jamie' Enters Silent Not-Guilty Plea

With a wordless shake of her head, Jamie Paulin Ramirez pleaded not guilty in a Philadelphia courtroom today to terrorism-support charges. Federal Magistrate Judge Jacob Hart allowed the Colorado woman, known in the media as "Jihad Jamie," to enter her plea by silent gesture after her lawyer, Jeremy Ibrahim, said voice identification could become an issue as the case against his client moved forward.

Early Suspicion Is that Chechen 'Black Widows' Carried Out Moscow Subway Attacks

Initial reports reaching the U.S. indicate that Russian authorities believe that Chechen terrorists were probably responsible for Monday's deadly suicide bombings on Moscow's subway system and that the bombings may have been carried out by a particularly notorious group of female terrorists known as the "Black Widows." Two U.S. counterterrorism officials, who asked for anonymity when discussing sensitive information, said that it is much too early in the investigation to draw a definitive...

The Politics of Terror In New York

The terror strikes of 2001 led to a boom in national-security spending, much of which has helped prevent another domestic attack. But at the state level, Homeland Security funds are often spent with less obvious results--as a recent case in New York makes clear.

British Government Expected to Step Up Pressure on Israel Over Alleged Role in Dubai Killing

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Washington to try to heal rifts between Israel and the Obama administration, the British government today is expected to step up pressure on Israel over its suspected role in the January assassination in Dubai of senior Hamas operative Mahmoud Mabhouh.

Swiss Government Asked United Nations to Drop Muslim Brotherhood Figure from Terror Sanctions List

The government of Switzerland has confirmed that it requested that the United Nations Security Council remove Muslim Brotherhood financier and diplomatic representative Youssef Nada from its list of alleged terrorist supporters subjected to international financial sanctions.