Mark Hosenball

Former Three Mile Island Worker with Alleged 'Al Qaeda' Ties Likely to Be Held by Yemeni Authorities

A former laborer at Pennsylvania's Three Mile Island and nuclear power plants in New Jersey and Maryland who is accused of murdering a man during a shootout in a Yemeni hospital is likely to be held and tried by authorities in Yemen rather than sent back to the United States, according to a U.S. government official.

Bye-Bye Spies, Says Dubai

Police in the Persian Gulf emirate of Dubai have advised all foreign spies to get out of town—and preferably out of the region—within a week. Although it is widely known in international spy circles, news of the expulsion threat has received little circulation beyond media in the Arab world.

'JihadJane' Grew Frustrated When Alleged Co-Conspirators Wouldn't Move Fast Enough

Colleen R. LaRose, the alleged American Islamic militant who used the Internet nom de guerre "JihadJane," traveled to Ireland last year to meet a group of Internet acquaintances, expecting they would join her as co-conspirators in an alleged murder plot, according to sources in the United States and Ireland who are familiar with the investigation.

CIA Investigators Believe Suicide Bomber Was Qaeda Plant From the Outset

An investigation by the CIA into how and why a suicide bomber was invited onto a secret CIA outpost in Afghanistan last Dec. 30 has tentatively determined that the bomber, Humam Muhammed al-Balawi, most likely was a mole from the outset—an infiltrator planted by Al Qaeda on the Jordanian and American intelligence services.

N.Y. Subway Bomb Plotter Now Helping Investigators

The leader of the foiled New York subway bombing plot is now helping U.S. authorities identify foreign co-conspirators, a U.S. law-enforcement official and a legal source close to the case tell Declassified.‬‪ Najibullah Zazi, the Afghan-born permanent U.S. resident believed to have masterminded the plot, pleaded guilty in February to multiple terrorism-related charges.

French Passports Used by Dubai Hit-Squad Members Were Forged

The government of France says that French passports used by allegedmembers of a hit squad accused of killing a Hamas leader in Dubai wereforged. Emmanuel LeNain, a spokesman for the French Embassy inWashington, told Declassified that his government has determined thatfour French passports, which Dubai investigators say were used bysuspected hit-team members, were counterfeits and not genuine papersobtained from the French government under false pretenses.

Most Passports Used by Dubai Hit Squad Members Appear to Have Been Counterfeit

Intriguing details keep emerging in the killing of a Hamas operative in Dubai last month. It turns out that most of the European passports used by suspected members of the alleged hit team were counterfeits—but not all, according to two diplomats who are familiar with investigations into the matter by authorities in Britain and Ireland.

Mullah Baradar Talking—But Not Saying Much

The recently captured deputy leader of the Afghan Taliban, Mullah Abdel Ghani Baradar, is now talking to Pakistani and American interrogators—a little. But three U.S. national-security officials familiar with the situation, who asked for anonymity when discussing sensitive information, said that Baradar is not saying much, at least so far.