'Female Trouble' Is Back and Trashier Than Ever

The Criterion Collection restoration premieres at the Provincetown Film Festival. Waters reveals his favorite line, his core audience (prison inmates), the only place you should get a face lift and why he'll never be a heroin addict.

Bill Hader Deserves An Emmy

The 'SNL' alum delivered the most revelatory TV performance of the year, playing a contract killer on HBO's dark comedy "Barry." Now he's ready to be terrorized by a clown.

Art as Ammo

The artist Robert Longo's "Death Star" will debut at Art Basel in June, with a percentage of the sale going to the nonprofit Everytown for Gun Safety.

Glenda Jackson's Brilliant Career

"I find it curious that given the advances in women's lives, contemporary dramatists still don't find women interesting," said the 81-year-old actress, back on Broadway after 30 years.