Matthew Impelli

Biden Widens Electoral College Lead Over Trump

According to the projection map, Arizona moved from a "toss up" to "leans Democratic," New Hampshire moved from "leans Democratic" to "likely Democratic" and Georgia went from "leans Republican" to a "toss up."

Over 6,000 Scientists Sign 'Anti-Lockdown' Petition

"As infectious disease epidemiologists and public health scientists we have grave concerns about the damaging physical and mental health impacts of the prevailing COVID-19 policies," the petition says.

Fact Check: Did Kamala Harris Call Joe Biden a Racist?

Shortly after Biden named Harris as his running mate, on August 11, President Donald Trump's re-election campaign released a statement on the former vice president's choice, in which it suggested that Harris called Biden a "racist" during the Democratic debates.

Incumbent GOP Senators in Arizona, Maine and Iowa Trailing Dems: Poll

The poll, which was conducted by Data for Progress, surveyed likely voters in three states from September 23 to September 28 and found three Republican Senators—Martha McSally from Arizona, Joni Ernst from Iowa and Susan Collins from Maine—at risk of losing their seat in the November election.

Entire Mississippi Middle School Forced to Quarantine

"Currently, 15 students have tested positive and 165 are quarantined. These numbers represent 35% of the total enrollment at the middle school," Long Beach School District Superintendent Jay Smith wrote in the letter. "These numbers represent 35% of the total enrollment at the middle school."