Matthew Philips

A Bounce in Consumer Confidence

Rising foreclosures, unemployment near 10 percent, a $1.5 trillion budget deficit, and Americans are actually feeling better about things? Apparently so. According to The Conference Board's latest Consumer Confidence Index, American consumers are more bullish on the future of the U.S. economy then they've been since December 2007, which is the exact month this whole Great Recession thing got started.

Apples And Oranges: Swine Flu Versus SARS

History repeats itself, but not without wrinkles. We pick apart the connections: The ComparisonWith the world in a panic over swine flu, it's starting to feel like 2003, when SARS was the raging contagion flooding the news, threatening to wipe out mankind and sending people racing to their local drugstores for cheap masks.

Bo Jackson the Banker

For about five years, Bo Jackson was the best athlete on the planet: a two-sport stud who belted homers all summer for the Kansas City Royals then ran over linebackers in the fall as a tailback for the L.A.