Mauro Suttora

Tuscan Town of Lucca Bans Ethnic Eateries

The Tuscan city of Lucca, famous as Puccini's birthplace, doesn't need any more publicity—especially if it carries the taint of "culinary racism." But that's the accusation being lobbed in response to Lucca's ban on new ethnic eateries in its city center.

The Italian Love Affair

The country appreciates everything about America: its cities, its celebrities and even its cowboy culture.

Il Cavaliere Goes On Holiday

Yes, under his leadership Italy's public debt has soared to 1.5 trillion euros, the third largest in the world. Yes, he controls six TV channels, monopolizing 90 percent of Italian television.

My Big Date With Nicole

"I had dinner with Nicole Kidman." Hmm... I hadn't known my friend Christian, an Italian journalist, was a celebrity hound. Like most New Yorkers, we make a point of ignoring such people. "Where?" I asked. "At the Mercer Kitchen." What did you talk about, I wanted to know.

Vacationing With Mr. B

"What's new, Salvo?" my paparazzo friend is sipping caipiroska in a seaside cafe, watching the yachts anchored off Porto Cervo. The smallest is 40 meters.

Singing The Internationale

Communism in Europe collapsed 14 years ago, so I had to come to America to experience a real Marxist class struggle. In February a wealthy businessman bought the building where I live in Manhattan, along with a dozen others.

On The Trail Of Il Duce

I had come to Phoenix, among the Arizona saguaros and 6,000 miles from home, to look for one of my country's best-kept secrets. And here he is, watering the flowers outside his motor home, a tall and handsome man of 61, living on unemployment benefits.

The Last Thing Iraqis Need

Unfortunately, I am a lousy tennis player. Otherwise I would have had a great time in So Tome, a wonderful equatorial island off the Atlantic coast of Africa.