McKay Coppins

Pyramid of Profiteers

What was David Sokol thinking? The Berkshire Hathaway golden boy shocked the business world last month after he came under scrutiny for possible insider trading. He's hardly alone.

The Hidden World of Corporate Subsidies

Transparency and job creation receive great gusts of political lip service. Just not at the same time. Programs for job creation—each state's unique mix of tax breaks and other inducements to new business—are among the least transparent parts of state government, according to a recent report by Good Jobs First.

The Manchurian Candidate

The Huntsmans' new home in the posh D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama is the prototype of pricey Washington real estate: a tall, boxy structure defined by red brick and right angles. Last spring, Bravo used the space to film its reality show "Top Chef: Washington, D.C."

Do Bureaucrats Make Too Much Money?

Civil servants have emerged as political bogeymen, scorned for their supposedly outsize compensation packages. In New Jersey, Gov. Chris Christie wants to cap their raises at less than 3 percent, while New York Governor-elect Andrew Cuomo warns that current pay levels are "unsustainable." Support for state workers is perhaps weakest in California, where they were furloughed this year so the state could save about 15 percent in salaries.

Georgia's Model Jobs Program

Unemployment means, on average, at least 20 weeks of unreturned phone calls and e-mails to nowhere. In Georgia, however, there's an important difference: the search is more than a month shorter. That's thanks to Georgia Work$, a novel jobs program that offers people a subsidized shot at self-reinvention.

Oklahoma's Smart Job-Creation Strategy

During the '30s, waves of Oklahomans moved to California to flee the Dust Bowl and find work. Now the exodus has reversed. Each year since 2000, Oklahoma has added several thousand net migrants from California, making the Golden State the primary pipeline for new Sooners; the flow is a big part of the reason that Oklahoma ranked eighth nationally in net migration last year.

The Most Notorious Bloggers

The Internet gave birth to a new type of rabble-rousing big mouth: the blogger. The most successful writers to harness this medium have been the ones to realize the Internet's unique power to tick people off. Here are some of the more notorious (and often successful) in the business.